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Re: ..::: Parnate augmentation? (Nardil other meds)

Posted by willyee on November 9, 2005, at 13:26:13

In reply to ..::: Parnate augmentation? (Nardil other meds), posted by Muad' Dib on November 9, 2005, at 5:47:10

Wow you post is so similiar to how i feel about parnate,even the augment strategies.Just fyi...

Ive trie

Parnate/Caffiene....Has worked

Parnate/ Gotu Kola..... Has worked

Parnate /Klonopin .... Is not the best,but it has a unique calming affect on the brain that sometimes is needed after a few days.

Parnate/xanax/klonopin.... Usualy much better than anyone benzo alone,the three togther actualy have at times provided social benifit.

Parnate/THC .....After thc is wearing,parnate on occasion blasted a surge of energy along with thc created a wonderful effect.

Parnate/xyrem/ritalin....WHOA,INCREDABLE INTENSE EFFECT,indulgent,total bliss.Parnate and ritalin taken first,then low increments of xyrem are added per 30 min for biuld up,result is total disinhibtition,relaxation,depression oblivated,anxiety gone,warmth,confidence,bliss.

Problem is its too good,and u know its not a feeling u can have constantly.Good news is having parnate and klonopin on hand taken at the end there is actualy no chrash,thank god.

Bad news,when u are no longer able to coninute this combo,parnate and just about everything else becomes instantly INEFFECTIVE,and it can take 2 weeks to achieve statisfactory effect from anything else,its like having a taste of steak and then going back to plain crackers.The two weeks where after where nothing that used to help no longer does squat is just horrid and not worth the bliss of the parnate/ritalin/xyrem combo,least with me.

I freaked when none of my emergency methods pentrated,so i gave up ever doing the awesome threesome again.But i enjoyed a good remission time on it.

Ive also use liquid deprenyl,and a parnate/liquid deprenyl/old anti-pyshcotic combo has worked in the past.The new atypical ones not so,but the older ones did with the parnate/deprenyl.

Your list souns like one id have myself,im very intersted if u would share what u r using now,and ur success with it.Myself........

Parnate/caffiene/ritalin/nuerotion/klonopin/beta blocker.

P.s unless u know something i dont,are u aware the ssri/maoi combo is the one combo u really should not mess with,were talking some horrable reactions there.




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