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paying me out

Posted by alexandra_k on December 28, 2020, at 13:17:32

so the idea seems to be that since they were required to train me but they didn't i can claim for loss of earnings.

so... they sent me on wild goose chase 'study this and that and the other thing or you aren't eligible for selection'. wrong advice. $30,000 student loan to me. they should pay that. that's how much their sh*t advice cost me. they were malicious. they intentionally prescribed a course of study for me (when they did not have the authority to do that) because it involved me giving them money and getting myslef into debt.

so they should pay.

and they refuse to process my application. year after year... so what is the average doctors salary? they cut years off the END of my working life. they should pay me for how many years they stole from me.

so likely what will happen is they'll end up paying me...

but one thing is clear.

the job / the work won't be done. not by anyone.

because they won't pay anyone to do the job. they only pay people to ensure the job isn't done.

it's how we ensure we go fowards only as slowly as possible... slower.... just the tiniest little bit slower...

thats the way in which new zealand makes progress.

like grabbing the wrist of a dementor and trying to drag it into the light

every f*ck*ng day.

where's my degree???

weren't my enrolment?

where's my money?

where's my job?

i did apply for jobs, you see... i spent 1 year applying for government jobs.

my friend 'friend' was all like 'yeah i do contract work for the government... i tis like they make jobs for me and things always work out'..

well it is like they simply refuse to give any job at all to me.

i must be intellectually handicapped retarded -- right?

well then i must be autistic -- right?

well there must be some reason why the government doesn't uphold my rights.

whatever could it be?




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