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Re: things are shifting

Posted by alexandra_k on August 3, 2020, at 5:23:43

In reply to Re: things are shifting, posted by sigismund on July 25, 2020, at 2:00:53

it's worse the more crowded people are.

i think they were anti-masks because of surveillance technology not being able to do face identification when people wear face-masks.

but that problem got solved.

then there were problems with contact-tracing. proximity detection. people who live in high-rises who may have public hallways beneath them or over them or next to them within 2 meters -- but they have no contact with those people. e.g., i live over a fairly high traffic access way and so many many people pass within 2 meters of my phone even though i am not in coughing / sneezing / breathing proximity of them. in very dense settings they thought there would be too many false hits on proximity based contract tracing to be useful...

it's spreading... almost a sort of a cultural colonisation about it.

i don't know that it is right to be talking about 'second waves' when places haven't experienced a first wave, yet.

i think melbourne is getting it's first wave only now. before... wasn't a wave. was some clusters. but not really a wave of community transmission...

they aren't sure whether being infected with it conferrs immunity with respect to subsequent infections. either because it mutates over time so immunity isn't long-lasting or... well... i guess that's it, really.

but, yeah. i know it's only a matter of time before new zealand does get it's first wave. it will decimate our health system.


before all this i applied for jobs. i applied for jobs as a healthcare assistant and also as a sterile supply technition (autoclave etc surgical equipment). apparently these are bottom of the food chain positions. i said i was willing to be humble and work my way up... they werent' interested. not interested. nada. a person with a clean criminal history and an MA. they weren't interested.

now i get an email asking if i still want to do it.

yeah, right.

i think they can pay me. it's the only language they understand. they think i'm stupid because i didn't grubbity grub grub at the money. finish up the qualifications as fast as i could for the higher paying jobs that the qualifications are supposed to provide you. but instead i went 'if i did a PhD in New Zealand what would I learn?? there isn't anyone in the country who I want to learn from... I would simply be left to my own devices and be in charge of myself because there isn't anyone to teach me anything anymore...'

And so the students pretend to learn and the teachers pretend to teach and everybody knows that the only difference is who has the pieces of paper with the qualifications and the dollar signs...

They don't understand why I didn't go for PhD as soon as I was eligible to apply for that and bite my lip and do whatever i was told and get through it as quickly as possible and apply for jobs in university administration.

it doens't matter what the degree is, you see. you can do agriculture or community mental health nursing and get to be vice chancellor. it's just about grubbing the PhD as quick as you can and focusing on grub grub grubbing your way up the payscales.

Clearly. What it is that they do. Clearly that's the only legitimate or viable path in life.


The health system will be decimated, here, once it gets here.

We've had so much time to prepare. To stockpile equipment. To fit test masks. To buy hand-sanitiser.

To train staff.




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