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things are shifting

Posted by alexandra_k on June 22, 2020, at 10:49:39

AUT is coming under fire for sexual harrassment / abuse of power.

A constant string of allegations that haven't been investigated by the University.

Intentionally doing business with companies (particularly law firms, it turns out) known to take advantage of female interns, particularly.

Of course it turns out that Waikato simply denies that there have been any allegations against staff in the specified time period. Because they are so corrupt they don't even record how many allegations they refuse to investigate.

As something of a... Counter...
The media starts up with the (boring, yawn) stories about the incompetent and inept and asleep at the wheel people who have been employed to turn a blind eye to all kinds of corrupt practices in the name of various 'watchdog' agencies.

You know...

'Fair go' -- spends 15 years chasing a guy before he's imprisoned. That's... Effectual. Huh.

'Consumer' -- tells people to haggle haggle haggle becuase the price for you may be better than the price for others if only you are smarter than others. I'm sure the same applies to things like having your visa renewed or getting yoru thesis done...

I got a letter back from the law society saying that they weren't going to do anything about a lawyer delaying telling me for several months that he was conflicted on a case.

I think it was setting things up in a way that was helpful for an appeal.

It wasn't just that he delayed telling me for several months that he was conflicted on a case... It was that he refused to accept my construal of the case (that the issue was teh University refusing to follow regulations) and instead insisted on construing the case as me basically being upset that I didn't get the outcome I wanted / thought I was entitled to.


Either he genuinely or legitimately can't tell the difference between taking issue with the University refusing to follow their regulations and being upset that one doesn't get ones way... In which case he's incompetent...

Or he intentionally tried to stabotage the case.

That is to say he intentionally tried to construe it so that he thought it wouldn't be won. Then he wanted to tell legal aid that he he thought it couldn't be won in the hope that legal aid for hte case would be declined. So then I wouldn't get legal help in filing the case. So then it would be more likely tha tthe case wouldn't be filed. Or it would be more likely that the case would be filed at poorer quality than it would if a lawyer was involved in filing it.

Which is...

An obstruction of justice.


Surely that's not cool.




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