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Re: don't do business with new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on July 22, 2020, at 1:02:52

In reply to Re: don't do business with new zealand, posted by alexandra_k on July 22, 2020, at 0:53:46

The other Universities aren't really very much better.

Apparently there is no law that says that if the studnet has submitted a thesis for examination then the Univeristy must send it out for examination in a timely fashion.

So, in other words, there is no law to prevent the University simply refusing to send it out.

Do the Universities have to give the examiners reports to the student as evidence for the outcome of examination they deliver?


In other words: There really isn't anything to prevent the Univerities from saying:

You have ONE MONTH to comply with demands of this letter to re-enrol for 6 months minimum and pay associated fees otherwise you will never qualify to complete your qualification.

Why would anybody in their right mind sign up for that Degree?

Why would you agree to do 3 years work for them -- when they won't pass your work on to examiners, and when if the examiners say it's good enough to be signed off (you know, once the student has written this and that substantive change that each examiner wants to see as a bit of themself) the Univeristy wants to get more money and see at least another 6 monthsm of themself...

There can be a right tug of war with the University saying the studnet should do this and that and the next thing... And the examiners telling the student to not do all those things. Back and forwards. Round and round. Taking it out. Writing that in. Taking it out.

NOt done until they say you are done!

10 years...

Where is the PhD


They think they are clever.

But they aren't. They are corrupt.

They are incapable of producing their own work, most often, and taking their own inability to produce out on their student. Trying ot create a studne just like them 'see see see see what it's like! see why i don't produce anything! see why you won't produce anything too! just like me! another me! i'm vindicated! i never produced anything after the academic community produced my thesis for me that i wrote to get my job making sure nobody else will write their own thesis either! academic victory!'

it's all just a grubbity grub grub to be VC. To makes ure that no research is done. Not on your watch.




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