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Re: don't do business with new zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on July 22, 2020, at 0:53:46

In reply to don't do business with new zealand, posted by alexandra_k on July 22, 2020, at 0:37:44

I mean... In an Honors year I did 4 year-long courses. I was supposed to write one 5,000 word essay per semester for each course -- or I could choose to write one 10,000 words essay for the entire course (so 40,000 words for one academic years work) that was sent to external examiners for the start of the examination period and where my grades were back and confirmed as done by the end of that year along with all the undergraduates.

For 120 points of full time study.

So a 120 point research year is up to 50,000 words done in one year. There should be no problem at all in treating it like 4 or 5 chapters of 10,000 words each. A series of essays, if you like. With some linking bits to tie everything together. I mean to say that writing 50,000 words in that timeframe is just as do-able as writing 40,000 words is, for an honors year.

And Honors got to be examined externally, no problem. THe examiners examined it and put a grade on it. Within the usual or normal grading time. No problem.

So when a student submits a 50,000 word thesis there really is no reason for the entire world to grind to a halt while the supervisor has a f*ck*ng tantrum that the student isn't done until she says the studnet is done!

And the examiners write reports... ANd the most likely outcome, for a student who worked pretty hard, after the student has demonstrated capability in the Honors year, even, is that the thesis is to be accepted -- subject to some changes.

That is because: There always will be some typographical errors. Publications are not delayed until there are none. I hardly ever read a book without finding at least one. Also... Everybody likes to see themselves. The examiners will suggest at least one (and likely lots) of substantive changes because they want to see the final hardcopy and go 'that part is the part that is there because of me! I did that!'.

So you write the examiners into the thesis and there you go. It's done.

It's not that big of a deal.

It's not supposed to be that big of a deal.

120 points of work done in 1 year of study.

So why is it that 3 years later aparently I have to get the courts ot make them give me the Degree because otherwise they simply won't.



There's no other reason why.

Do not do business with the University of Waikato. They do not give out the scholarship monies they advertise. They are collecting your research proposals only. There is no list of people who received the scholarships because there are no recipients.

They also do not give out graduate research degrees. Not until they think the supervisors / externals have written something for the student (and taken so long about doing it) that the whole academic community of the world will think the studnet is intellectually handicapped that they were not capable of producing 360 points of work in less than about 10 years.

They don't have research capability.




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