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experimenting on the nurses

Posted by alexandra_k on May 5, 2020, at 8:45:46

and of course they will be doing everything they can so people believe that we are justified in experimenting on those nurses.

most in particular we will be saying they did not do any of the things the laws or regulations required them to do...

and somehow this is supposed to justify our experimenting on them.

i do not undertand why we only process grotesquely unsuitable people for medical fields. people who do not have a personal sense of space etc.

but we choose to hire them... only in order to set them up to blame them -- seems to me.

which leaves a bad taste in my mouth because they were unsuited for their jobs.

but i'm sure they were well suited for jobs we did not look at giving them.

we matched them to an ill-suited job in order to make them the sacrificail lamb.

it's criminal. really.

we could have just done the things that we were supposed to do on the basis of international evidence. we need to listen to Hong Kong and Taiwan particularly -- because they are indepent city states -- like us. With the capacity / potentil to punch above our indepdent weight in teh world

But as usual... NZL doesn't undertand / doesnt' get with teh f*ck*ng program already.

I waste my life sittin gby watching peple colelct up al l the money while being too f*ck*ng stupid to get with teh f*ck*ng program.

yay you!! you will beat cancer!! ll by your self!! yaya you.... bes cancer care in teh world from science leaders here y'all! yay you !! best ad cheaptes program in the world! you knew the odds. you beat them! you contribute nothign to development and profiteer! yay you! everyone aspires to be so adept at free-riding as you!!




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