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Re: it is just so disappointing...

Posted by alexandra_k on May 2, 2020, at 4:55:25

In reply to Re: it is just so disappointing..., posted by alexandra_k on May 2, 2020, at 4:34:04

there is this thing they are doing at the moment and it goes like this:

we have enough ppe

(aka: at current rates of use (zero) we have an infinite supply).

well, actually, no, but you get the idea.

i mean to say that there is a rate of use in surgeries, presumaby. I don't know what 'business as usual' looks like. If you have a new surgical mask for each scub in / each patient or how that goes... But there is that kind of business as usual.

And then there is something else that goes on when people are possibly infectious / contagious and they are trying to prevent hospital transmission.

Now you have cleaners and non-scrub nurses and so on... doctors more generally... All these people wanting PPE.

ANd... Nobody has done a fit test since...

Well... Since...

Well... Since...

Probably in the last 15 years.

It's all old supplies that have been stockpiled from SARS. None of it fit tested.

Because even though the science has improved and move don...

It's a special knid if intellectual disabilty that you see in the leaders of NZ.


The DHBs were full of 'we have enough'. Also known as 'we refuse to order more'. But that was all predicated on 'current rates of use' which was predicated on 'next to no use'. So they go 'you can't have any. PPE is not for you' and so on.

Then there is even a thing about how it is not for you because you don't know how to don and doff it properly (because we never taught you) and because it's too hard to learn (because we are intellectually handicapped and we still dno't understand) and how it is not for you. Our next pay increase is for us on the savings we made not puchasing any equipment... Understand eye??

ANd so (of course) several nurses get sick. Looking after covid patients. And they say they worse PPE as they were supposed to. And the DHB says 'of cousre you did. You shouldn't have been wearing it. We told you it was not for you and it wouldn't do you any good'.

Becuase they didn't fit test their employees.

Is this criminal? At any point? Criminal negligence from the DHB??

That they refused to fit test the people who were required to work in those conditons?

They they refused to supply them with adequate PPE??

That they put them in danger while they believed their employers had duty of care to instruct and educate and look after them properly??

I get that ACC will get it...

But ACC wasn't to cover crimes against humanity -- was it?

Surely not!!




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