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Re: the mobbing of the lonesome stranger

Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 14:16:36

In reply to Re: the mobbing of the lonesome stranger, posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 13:53:49

because the examiners did not say 're-enrol' or 're-submit for antoher round of examination'. because the examiners did not say 'another round of reports'. because the examiners did not say 'oral defence was required'. because the examiners did not say i should be failed.

the examiners said that substantive or significant changes were needed before it would be accepted.

that means that once the substantive or significant changes are made - it is to be accepted.

the university regulations say that the dean makes the final decision -- on the basis of the reports of the examiners.

and the reports of the examiners say that it is to be accepted subject to substantive changes.

it is going well beyond the reports to say that re-enrolment and re-examination are required. these things are not mentioned in the reports of the examiners.

it's basic reading comprehension. whether something is an inference that is based on the text -- or whether an inference goes well beyond the text.

and the entire university (my supervisor, the dean, the research school, the associate vice chancellor, the vice chancellor). and apparently the univerity lawyer... apparently the law firm or whatever that that lawyer is with...

they all think that it's perfectly fine for the university to withhold the degree unless a studnet re-enrols and hands over more fees... it's perfectly fine for the university to invoice the Tertiary Education Commission (a government department) for another round of examination... even when the examiners don't state in their reports that re-enrolment and re-examination is required.

but re-enrolment and re-examination is not something that is based in the reports of examiners.

it's a basic f*ck*ng reading comprehension thing that's going on, here.

and it's the lack of f*ck*ng basic reading comprehension...


that means that several years later... the university hasn't given me my degree.

a different university in NZ.. I have them the university regulations pertianing to the degree along with the reports of examiners.

there is only one outcome of examination that is based in reports of examiners.

that outcome required me to be signed off within 10 weeks.

the calendar allows an examiner to do it if the supervisor won't.

because supervisors start to have hissy screaming tantrum fits that you are stealing their baby when examiners say that the student shall be signed off.

the calendar allows an examiner to do it.

i'm over 40 years old.

i'm not you f*ck*ng child.

i can't explain things any slower to you.

you f*ck*ng tool.

do your job.

or give the work to examiners and let them do their job.

the only reason they hired her was to make sure no philosophy was done on her watch.

and i genuinely and really don't understand it.

i was like 'once the thesis is over we can work on getting part of it published if you would like a publication since your promotions are partly dependent on it and it could be good for both of us'

but she would rather i be failed and she be dead wood. that's a better world as far as she's concerned. she's made it already. paid to be dead wood and paid to ensure nobody be signed off on her watch.

her mistake...

from psychopath perspective...

is agreeing to supervise me.

other people knew i was competent to do the work and didn't need or rely on them to write it for me...

so they said they wouldn't supervise me.

that's what we do in NZ, now. we don't process admissions because we don't have any of the things we purport to have.

we don't process phd applicatinos unless teh studnet lacks the capacity to write a thesis. if the student can only complete if the supervisor writes it for htem -- we'll agree to supervise that student only.

the med studnets who can't tell the difference between an antimalerial and an anatibiotic? who can't tell the difference between toxicity and symptoms? the students who are able to play dumb... play dumb.. keep your head down and maybe they'll think you are incompetent and you will get lucky and get to do it that way and eventually...

seems to be the only way through.

i'm just f*ck*ng speechless that they refuse to give me a degree when that is what external examiners told them to do.

one examiner is required to be external to the country of NZ.

but we don't want to be part of international community. we don't want to have an internationally accepted or accredited education system. we don't want our kids to read -- they might read reports of examiners. we dno't want our kids to do math -- they might read the double-billed invoice.

i think around the world...

UK... US...

the education systems all fell flat didn't they.


we realised how they had been gutted.

nobody home.

nobody there.

they don't externally examine the students work.

they aren't grading by university values.

they go 'you can't make us'.

because they have made it in life.

they like to do antimalerial trials on people with virus.

they like to kill a sheep to shock it's heart with adrenalin repeatedly. just to see what will happen.

htye like to put rats in little rubber rooms so they can't climb the walls and have no wheel.

they like to accuse students of crimes they didn't commit and tell them they have to talk to people pretending to be police whether they want to or not -- to see whether they will co-operate.

all these things... highly valued studies students do at our universities.

the only sorts of studies they wll get supervisors willing to allow them to do.

it isn't me that's on self-destruct, here.

it is the university system.

i guess because we hired up all the people to teach and adminsitrate in them that nobody else wanted.

but i know of competent people who they could hire instead so that's not it. they intentionally hired up the people who would contribute towards this kind of development of the education system in nz.

undermining it.

i guess its the people with the money. isn't it. where does the money go. to a bunch of psychopaths. truly.




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