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the mobbing of the lonesome stranger

Posted by alexandra_k on April 28, 2020, at 13:28:41

standard first year ethics...

the case of the lonesome stranger.

you imagine an angy mob. angry about whatever whatever it doesn't matter. the reason or source of what is making them mad has gone away or vanished or maybe it's just out of their reach and they can't get to it.

then imagine a lonesome stranger riding into town.

the sherrif knows the angry mob will riot and many many innocent people will die. but a way to stop them rioting would be to blame the ills of the world on the stranger and sort of swiftly excuse the lonesome stranger to placate the angry mobs desire for a scapegoat. for blood.

the stranger is lonesome. we are supposed to imagine. nobody would miss the stranger. the stranger has no family. the stranger is a stranger.

people are supposed to come to the conclusion that it would be wrong to scapegoat the lonesome stranger.

well, people with a sense of morality.

but that's the kind of democracy we have got.

mob rule. rule of the most likeable. most charasmatic. yes men. sychophants. if they can get ahead by trampling and stomping then that's what life's about -- surely.

my grandfather lost his ministry for harboring men who didn't want to fight in a war out on his farm. he preached turn the other cheek in a time of war.

whose job was it to preach turn the other cheek and to provide refuse for people who did not want to kill / die for their country?

whose job was it?

whose job was it -- if it wasn't his?

perhaps it was nobody's job. nobody's job. nobody's at all.

perhaps the role or the point of church leadership is only to pied piper up all the unwanted's and spin an idology for their untimely death.

nz is going to roll out some hospital trial of antimalerial for corona virus. of course we are. the WHO suggested antimalerial medication might be effective as an antiviral.

and of course it's doctors jobs to put a positive spin on that. of course. of course it is. i mean, if it isn't their job then whose job is it?

to prescribe antimalerials to mummy and daddy who made ones selection into the program possible.

apparently the problem is that goochie goochie goo... all about you. all about you. all about you. i want nothing more than to helpy help helpy helpy help (myself to) you. here.. . have some antimalerials...

kind of a psychopathy is most valued.

most.. likeable.

i didn't know that rhode island was rhode island and the plantation colony. i have been reading about the community college that apparently produces the majority of health workers for the state. been reading that apparently things are turning around there, over the last couple years.

i have also been reading that the 'we're number 1' thing that auckalnd is doing right now is a link to some bogus survey nonsense measure that nobody cares about... but it is something that puts the sustainable development goals centre stage. as something that they at least have on the agenda as caring about, now.

which... you know... 2 years after i placed it central stage on my thesis (that nobody has accepted) is kind of nice to see.

the fact that they are getting with the f*ck*ng agenda or program at least nominally. at least some kind of an appreciation of what the program might be.

why would you wash your hands if you could get away with not washing your hands?

i mean.. if nobody is watching... nobody is standing over you... i mean... you can't see germs...

i guess it's such a small state that people commute in and out for work. i guess i should look and see about the slum regions. the worst of it.

it's kind of nice to see some of the things... the town hall meetings are on youtube.

which shows some degree of trying. at least.

the problem is immigration, isn't it. the mass immigration of people who were only allowed to arrive because it was a cheap supply of labor for jobs the locals didn't want to do. immigrants came intentionally from worse situations back home... because they thought they could work their way up. or usually people don't actually seem to want that in fact... they actually seem to prefer their kids to have a better life rather than for them to have a better life in their lifetime.

so... people don't want to go to medical school themselves. don't want to learn medicine themselves. want their kids to go to medical school and become hailed as doctor.

people don't want to work towards a system whereby they could go to medical school themsleves if that is something they in fact want to do. because... they don't want to do it, i can only surmise. they want their kids to do it. they want this kid to do it and that kid to do it. and maybe this kid would make a good life partner for their kid so they want that kid to do it.

that appears to be the problem / what is going on... what is going wrong...

so people around selections are people to who aren't medical doctors. or, if they are, people who don't practice medicine. they are people who don't do the pateint contact medicine thing. they gave that up to have control over who does get to do the patient contact thing. they gave that up to have control over medical admissions and the like.

and they really do seem rather more intent on undermining the whole thing. making it impossible for anybody to do it. because they want to make more people like them, i suppose. little mirror copies of themself. lots of people getting selected into medical admissions to join the army of people selecting people into medical admissions an army of administrators having meeting after meeting after meeting about how there isn't any money left to by supplies or hire doctors...

we are rolling out a trial on antimalerials.

i wonder how much we sold out for.

i remember at some point Trump and England trade talk meetings. England said the health of the people of England wasn't on the table.

Yeah... the demise of the health system in England... the downward trajectory of the NHS.

I guess issues in NY too. and all those doctors in Kentucky writing scripts for antimalerials.

Places don't have to participate in the match. The match is / was an optional thing. Private hospitals / universities could choose whomever they liked.

But we don't have a functioning private sector. Because people use the public sector for private advantage, here. So you have people picking and choosing like they are the private sector -- but they don't have teh ability to pick and choose for a good / valued / functioning private sector. So it's the worst of the public sector where you simply have corruption. Simple as that. Hijack of public system for private advantage.

The private advantage of darling child prescribing antimalerials that will kill you.

Because nobody wants to live like this in this shithole anyway.

The will to live...

The will to survive.

I just see masses of suicide bombers, really.

I don't see people working towards developing the things they want to see in the world.

I don't see...

Sure I don't.

I've been locked out.

Ethics in this country is not for me. It's for the Maori they picked precisely because they lack capacity. They picked them for those positions / places precisely because they lack capacity -- so as to encourage racism where you see these prominent people picked because of their race picked because they lack capacity... That was what the centre for bioethics was turning into at Otago when I left. I wasn't allowed to ask a question (I would usually ask 1 question per talk I was not dominating). But now was the time for ethics talks (at a visiting lecturer from overseas level) to be not even 101 level at University. I mean... A 'you like vanilla ice cream and I like chocolate ice cream adn that's okay'. Level. Just that. Only that. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Just that. Only that. ANd speaking rights are just... Stuck. Stuck ther eon that. No progres is made.

So I walked away.

And I walk around this country... The development of the people...

And get to thinking about the mechaimss and the invisible hand holding everything back...

Beacuse those people should have got to study ethics. And maybe they could. Maybe they could enrol in a first year ethics class. And maybe they could get someone teaching it well and simply. There are some good ethics in the schools programs that are supposed to teach precisely that. Civil communiciation and respect for difference. It's okay to like differnet things. It's okay to have different opinions. We don't all have to be a mob for things to be okay...

But they don't get to have that kind of an education.

Because we are too busy hiring them. Paying them. To teach. They are the mighty academics. Making sure that the ones amongst them with the capacity to do just that are shut down and silenced and mobbed away...

I guess the idea of the borders closing is to sort of force people to focus on improving local situations instead of allowing them to flee.

Because all the best people leave. Because they realise they can't accomplish half as much, a quarter as much, an eighth as much as they could someplace else.

I'm expected to take 2 years writing a 1 year thesis because this one is a slow reader. And because that one is a slow thinker. And because people want to feel that I like hanging out with them before they can start work. And so I'm supposed to let things run over time 'it's okay I am just like you we can let things run overtime together. It isn't like I want to do anything else with my life than to hang out with you all day anyway lolz. I just want to stay with you taking exttra time violating the normal working rules about normal work forever!!!'

And I can't do it.

Because it's like trying to walk at 1/2 or 1/4 or 1/8 your normal walking speed. And it really doesn't take very long before you are wanting to shoot your face off.

And that's our highest levels. Our higheset level of academia!!

But it's okay because they've set baout restruturing the University system so they will only pass the most sychophantic. So it's all up front and obvious and clear about how this nation is a nation that values mob rule and rewards the psychopathic leader of the mob. The likeable leader who will get many many sign ups for the antimalerial trial.

So you get to thinking that it's just people working for the interests of overseas psychopaths...


Did they suggest the trial to us to see if we would trade the health of our people?

Is it even worth sending us anything other than placebo?

If the medical doctors don't know the symptoms of toxicity (to distinguish from the sympoms of the disease) then why should they have access to medication at all.

And if they aren't willing to pay a fair price.. If they arne't ordering x number of litres of hand sanitiser for that many people on the workforce seeing that many patients...

I don't like it, here.

What good comes of me, being here.

Why was I born?

I didn't ask to be born.

I'm sorry I wasn't dropped on my head at birth so I fit in better.

I understand that's why they are all up in the trials of oxygen deprivation for infants. At birth. To try and create a generation that fits in better.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.




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