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that's why they want to train the kids

Posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 18:37:34

In reply to Re: who wants to be a surgeon?, posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 18:22:43

and that's why they want to train their kids.

they want to 'show them how it's done'.

they want the kids being all wide-eyed and people-pleasing.

they want the kids paying attention to them. hanging off their every word. taking their words as gospel.

brown-nosing to them. to make their lives nicer / better. kids always smiling and happy to help. happy to work overtime or whatever. cheerful facade, always. falling over each other to help.

what's the alternative? kids less happy to help. less helpful. kids more focused on books / studying for exams. kids asking questions. maybe uncomfortable ones about why we do things this way rather than that. kids suggesting ways perhaps that we could actually do things according to best practice without it actually being more expensive...

and they don't want that.

they aren't interested in the development of medicine for the good of the pateints.

they are interested in themselves. they would rather have brown-nosing sycophants. they would rather have control over keeping those kids close to them.

the district health boards are happy enough that kids don't get signed off on. they don't have to pay them pay increases. they don't have to acknowledge the things they are doing routinely and reliably in the hospitals.

they can spend that money on pay increases for themselves. boards of direectors. administrators. for all the work dthey do. squabbling about everything except the fact that they need another pay increase for themselves.

like the king of tonga. more money! more money! not enough money for doctors and medical supplies and nurses and cleaners!

only money for students to do all of the work and pay us money for their training!

while we refuse to sign them off.




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