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Re: who wants to be a surgeon?

Posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 18:14:25

In reply to who wants to be a surgeon?, posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 17:59:53

the standard regular books for the medical lisencing examination are not in our university medical library.

some of the books are kept in desk reserve. physically behind the desk. you can read them for 2 hours only. they say it is because they are high demand. i have never seen anybody ask to read a 'high demand' books, however. it is a way of keeping the books off the shelves. hidden. hiding information. obscuring it.

i remember asking them for a book that was on the reading list for the Australiasian Surgery exam. they only had it in storage and I could only read it for 2 hours. i asked them why it was kept hidden away. 3 copies of it. off the shelves and hidden away.

they don't want people in NZ knowing what is considered 'best practice' in the US, in NZ.

they will say it is about the money. we don't have enough money. we don't have enough of the equipment. we don't have enough venitillators. we can't afford them. we don't have those medications. we can't get access to those medications.

we won't let our students learn the information so that they understand the medications. what they likely do, what they will likely interact with, how they likely work. we won't let our students in on information about how to put forward patients as candidates for overseas medical trials.

we just say 'nonononono no treatment! no medical care for our people! stop it! they can't have any! nothing for them!'

it's all about the money for the senior officials. everything for them. nothing for anybody else. it's all about them. all about you, senior official goochy goochie goo. all about you. all the money, all the kudos, all the power, too.

you look at the king of tonga etc and see how he keeps his people living in the slums. so he can cry cry cry cry cry for 2 million dollar hostage handouts to go to 'research' on how he can help his poor people suffering from global warming.

what does he do with the money?

that's why they gave you the money. to see what you will do with it. to see if you can invest it. to see if there is any point giving you any more money. to see if they can say that to an international tribunal. 'did he just need some money to help his people'?

'no. we gave him money to help his people. to help his poor people living in slums. and he chose to spend that money upgrading his palace and creating high paying jobs to friends and family who brownnose to him all day while producing nothing'.

or while stealing from the work of the people in the slums.

'who is going to stop us?'

not sure. it's about getting the people out and away, really. into things.

otherwise it is like playing whack-a-mole. everytime you depose one another one, just as bad rises up. they are right about that.

what are they going to do about it?

did they contract that out?

did they offer scholarships to people capable of figurin gthat out?

did they fail the people and steal their stuff?

people were all 'if you get to do medicine then yo uwon't see us anymore'

they committed to that.

i need to not see them anymore to do it for sure. because they won't let me. not if they can get away with it.

they would rather me drown alongside them.

that's what they want most of all.


we will see how the commuity spread goes in NZ.

many many people in NZ don't have a will to live...

but physical health can be something else.

often suicide takes great physical strength.

i wonder if suicide will go down as coronavirus deaths go up.



mostly i wonder about deaths of all causes.

are deaths of all causes up?

or are we simply re-classifying deaths as being due to corona?

i mean, people used to die of regular flu and people used to die of tuberculosis and people used to die of lung cancer and other kinds of respiratory disease.

i wonder if respiratory disease deaths are actually up becuase of ADDITIONAL cases of coronavirus or if we are re-classifying an epidemic.


because of global economic policy.

because of the migration of people.

because so many people want to get away from tehir oppressors.

because most of the governments around the world are doing a truly f*ck*ng horrible job of governing.

because corruption is worse and worse.

because democracy is failing.

because the public systems are falling apart.

in England. They are shouting that from the rooftops.

Trying to curb the flood of migration across Europe.

Good people can't function




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