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Re: illiteracy

Posted by alexandra_k on March 3, 2020, at 14:04:39

In reply to Re: illiteracy, posted by alexandra_k on March 3, 2020, at 13:53:49

and things are just made unnecessarily complicated and wasting everyones time.

arbitrary lists of arbitrary information and we write our own multi guess and it's all just a thinly veiled covering over the truth of the situation that there is no understandy and the kids of the senior officials and people picked out from Secondary School to become medical doctors in their community INSTEAD OF going on to further education in arts and or sciences and or good business practices or... Anything. Anything. Anything at all.

and it would be okay. forgivable. part of the trajectory of development if it were part of the trajectory of development. but NZ hasn't been developing. It as been de-developing. It has been going backwards. Things aren't on the up things are on the down. Things are getting worse. Things are worse.

So much invested in confusing and obscuring and obfuscating.

So many employment opportunities to be part of that process. To be part of making things worse.

All this awful.
All this awful.
All this awful hanging about teh Universities.

To try and make everybody give up and go away so the senior officials can expediate the fee free journey of their own kids so their families can go on to further riches and rewards!


Motivating and inspiring!

Oooooooooooooooooooooh how I long to join them.

Be just like them!

How desirable!


Then you find yourself getting nearer the end of your life. And you look around the world that your kids have to live in. Maybe you love someone. Maybe you love someone other than yourself. You see the sh*t hole that you made for them. The sh*tty nest. The sh*tty community. The sh*tty country. The sh*tty landscape. The sh*tty planet. KNowing tha tyou contributed to the shittiness. Yay you. What a worthwhile life you lived. What a worthwhile life you led.

Was the world better for having you in it?

Or maybe you don't ever care about anyone. What was the meaning of your life? Will anybody remember you?

What did you do with all the power you grub grub grubbed for yourself? All that money?

Did you know what to do with money?

Was it good for anyone at all tha tyou had so much of it?

Was it good for you?

What was the meaning of your life?

HOw many people did your money grubbing prevent from developing?

What is teh true cost to the world of having you in it?


F*ck*ng psychopathic idiots too stupid to listen to f*ck*ng stupid to care




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