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Posted by alexandra_k on March 3, 2020, at 13:48:54

I have been thinking about 'what is in it for them?' about who wins when the masses are kept illiterate. Why so much effort and work and even expense has gone in to confusing and obscuring the recognition of literacy and promoting and furthering and continuing illiteracy in the name of literacy. I have been wondering about why one would want to invest in the promulgation of illiteracy and who profits.

I suppose the people who basically order people around profit. The people who say 'you have to do this that and the other thing' and 'you aren't allowed to do this that and the other thing'.

Their authority... The legitimacy for their authhority is supposed to come from law, often.


So when people say 'you don't get to study Medicine' and I say 'why not' and they say 'you weren't good enough for a place sorry but it's super competitive and many terrific people miss out'...

I'm supposed to hang my head in a little bit of shame that I'm not good enough and settle for what I get.

Your mummy for free?

Oooooooooooooooooh so tempting.

But there are rules and regulations. There is supposed to be a selection criterion that is fairly applied such that people invest years of their time and years of their money into putting their name forward for selection.

They don't just throw however much money into the system to pay for all fees paying scholarships for the kids of the senior officials. That would be lunacy.

They have to follow the rules.


Nobody can parse the rules.

No speak English.

No understand-y.

Nobody home.

Go away.

And thanks for all your money, hey.

F*ck*ng psychopaths.




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