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Re: university regulations

Posted by alexandra_k on February 12, 2020, at 23:55:07

In reply to university regulations, posted by alexandra_k on February 12, 2020, at 23:45:28

So now the appeal is with the vice chancellor of academic, apparently, who is the highest point of appeal within the Univerity of Auckland, apparently.

So, we will see if the Academic Vice Chancellor is capable of understanding the Univerity regulations pertaining to my Degree and the reports of the examiners. Also in putting those two things together and seeing what the outcome of examination is. Seeing that I have met the requirements for the Degree. Seeing that since I have met the requiremetns for the Degree the University of AUckladn is required to admit me to study Medicine.

By their enrolment deadline.

Of tomorrow.

Hey, thanks for giving me some *time* to *decide* whether I wanted to accept or decline my offer of place.


I don't know.


I send the Univerity regulations and the reports of examiners (not confidential to the University of Waikato at all) to everyone. All the Vice Chancellors of all the Universities.

I wouldn't waste my time so much with New Zealand. They seem to lack the capacity to understand and / or willingness to comply with the f*ck*ng regulations that they f*ck*ng wrote.

I wouldn't worry so much about Australia, either.

I would worry more about all the international collaborators that the University looks to as a source of finance.

All the people thinking of enroling in the University should know that the University doesn't seem willing / able to follow it's own process on completions.

In other words: There is no education system here.

THe people in charge of here refuse to do the things they are paid to do. Refuse to follow their own rules and regulations.

For f*cks sake.

The VC is paid how much.... Hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Apparently the Vice Chancellor of the University of Auckland is paid more than the Prime Minister of this country.

He has built slum apartment block after slum apartment block after slum apartment block.

He has introduced an 'alternative entry' path into Medicine where there is no Bio-Chemistry or Cell Biology for Maaori -- just a bunch of brownnosing and crafting essays where the students are required to spout back lecturers powerpoint slides (plagarise lecturers powerpoint slides).

What a f*ck*ng joke.




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