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Re: charm

Posted by alexandra_k on January 6, 2020, at 0:22:41

In reply to charm, posted by alexandra_k on January 6, 2020, at 0:06:20

Charm is exactly what it is with the Hui all day thing.

I don't like it because my experience of it more recently is that people do that to try and circumvent or bypass doing the things that they are supposed to do.

For example, at tech the teacher would say 'keep working on the exercises I need to go see x about y, I'll be back in a bit'. So we would keep working on the exercises. Then one of the kids would say 'I think we should go look for him'. And I would say 'he told us to keep working on the exercises so I think we should do that'. Then the kid (who had the least capacity to do the exercises) would manage to get a group of people together to go look for him...

And when they found him he would be DELIGHTED. Genuinely. Delighted with them. So happy to see them! So happy they found him!

And in this way he charmed them into following him around like lost puppies and ignoring most everything of what he had to say.

It meant he trained the people to not follow instructions / listen to directions.

Do you see?


Much of Medicine (here anyway) is about being appropriately charming, I am sure. Especially when it comes to indigenous health, I am sure. The leaders will teach everybody that we are required to be charming to the leaders or the people the leaders have control over will get no healthcare, no healthcare, at all.

If you don't charm the head of the tribe, the head of the household, the head of the family, the boss of whomever... Then you can't deliver healthcare.


The scariest thing about it all is that those who are most charming can do whatever they like.


That's why I prefer to opt out of the whole charming thing, honestly.

I don't think it has a place in informed consent.

Pleasant, yes. Professional, yes. Charming... No.

Save that for extracting donations from wealthy benefactors... If that's your thing.. That's not my job. I'd be awful at it.

Sometimes people are looking for good investments. Good people. Good investments.

Good doctor.

Doc Martin wasn't charming.

But he was competent.





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