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Re: flattery

Posted by alexandra_k on January 5, 2020, at 23:49:31

In reply to Re: flattery, posted by alexandra_k on January 5, 2020, at 23:44:06

Another guy, too. One of the teachers at tech. For sports science. He had this whole manner about him where he conveyed to each and every person that he really really liked them and he really really wanted them to like him. He cared what they thought about him and he wanted them to like him.

And so people liked him.

It seemed involuntary. They involuntarily liked him, because he was able to convey that.

It meant that at other times he could be actually rather harsh with them and they would toe the line because they (involuntarily) wanted him to like them. He was able to... Command the masses in that manner.

Leadership. It's a style, I suppose.


It is a skill.

To use emotions not to express how you feel but to use emotions as a form of communication (you can choose to communicate things truly or falsely, it is just information and it could be misinformation). To use emotions as a form of... Control.

To control others by playing on their fears and insecurities. To induce shame and guilt. They are 'sticks', I suppose.

But also to control others by leading them... By praising and encouraging and rewarding them with flattery when they do the things you want them to do.


I am not big on controlling others. On being controlled by others. Especially when it comes to use of emotions to control others.

I am big on people doing the things they are f*ck*ng well supposed to do because they are f*ck*ng well supposed to do them. That is why they get the money they get and if they want to keep getting the money they get and not give the money they got back then perhaps they need to do the things they were paid for.

Why is that so f*ck*ng hard?




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