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Re: strange new year

Posted by alexandra_k on January 2, 2020, at 20:45:30

In reply to strange new year, posted by rjlockhart37 on January 2, 2020, at 19:02:58

I'm sorry that happened to you, RJ.

Those online forms automatically change my address, sometimes (from 1 to 5), and sometimes don't register anything at all. E.g., I can't get newspaper delivery to here. It says 1 on the door. Utilities are connected to 5.

NZ Post has this metro supermarket delivery thing. I got a book from book depository no troubles. Then I tried to get a book from Blackwells UK, never arrived. Re-ordered from Blackwells UK, never arrived. Reordered from Book depository, never arrived.

Arranged for shipping to my sisters home address, never arrived.

Reordered for shipping to my sisters work address -- then the one to her home address turned up (several weeks late).

Each time they offered to reimbuse the value of the purchase, though, so I am surprised that this did not happen for you.

In my case I think NZ postal system is simply shipping them back, again. I went in to the supermarket and the person on the desk was like 'oh yeah we phone people if there is a phone number on the package otherwise we return them to sender after some time'.

The online website said they would email you when your package arrived. Which was what happened the first time I ordered a book.


Even the postal system doesn't work for me.

Not until I arranged for shipping to my sisters place of work (a reputable legal firm).


I don't know what the world is coming to RJ...

The holiday period sucks for me. If I had a motorcycle I would be riding about the country... I suppose I could have arranged / organised for one, but I'm waiting to see what happens / how things turn out because... Well... Because I'm enjoying a new bicycle that I got and I will neglect it if I get a motorcycle before getting properly used to it. My sit bones will take a while...

I've been watching a lot of Twich ''Escape from Tarkov'' Streaming... It's a very civilised thing they have got going on over there, for the holiday period, with basically 24/7 streaming of a very technical game that people are playing individually and in teams and so on and so forth. Streamers hanging out if you are into that. I reccommend CohhCarnage for his 'happy helpful respectful' community -- and he has been introducing other streamers who have grown on me, rather. Itmejp and ezeikiel III (dropped frames ain't bad if you want to keep up with tech-y gossip / new games) and the streamers he's been playing with lately...

I actually enjoy watching other people play games more than I enjoy playing them, mostly. I tend to get stuck / side-tracked from progressing things properly and lose interest in games because of that. Great to see the story properly unfolding on bioshock and the like...

Anyway, it helps me feel less alone. To hang out with someone who is mostly upbeat and happy about things and plenty smart and... Human. Someone who helps me feel human.

I am really surprised they didn't offer to reimburse you for the delivery that didn't. Because now they will have lost you as a customer :(




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