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Re: sigh

Posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2019, at 4:56:57

In reply to sigh, posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2019, at 4:47:45

they just f*ck*ng gutted everything. ruined it all.

our national this and our national that. it's all sh*t. there isn't anybody home.

our people are incapable of grading.

that is the bottleneck.

you can force all the students to do the same first year program.

so you can hire 1 lecturer to teach maybe 5 lectures to thousands of kids. they can watch the lecturer on tv. from their home. or they can turn up to class and trample each other trying to get in to the overcrowded lecture theatres because that's what all their friends are doing.

but who will grade their work?

why bother grading their work?

just give the kids the places that you were always going to give the places to.

nobody can tell the difference.

quick pick them up pick them out quickly quickly quickly before the other students realise that their payment of fees are paying for these other kids scholarships. These other kids full rides.

then these other kids get paid to work as doctors in our public hospitals while other peoples kids pay the university thousands upon thousands upon thousands of dollars for degrees they refuse to sign off on because...

because they are too stupid to calculate a gpa?

because they thought you looked at them funny in the clinical skills test. because they didn't like the way you asked permission before touching them they decided they felt better if you grabby grabbed them...

where is the different?

where is the competent?

where did it go?

i used to be able to ride around teh suburbs on my motorcycle...

all these houses. houses and houses and houses... nice houses. green leafy streets...

then back to the sh*t hold ghetto with the prostitutes and drug dealers. that's the life for me.

apparently i can be a lawyer.

i can be a lawyer for free.

i can represent myself in the high court. they've been uploading the templates for teh filings, you see, because it's too hard for the legal aid lawyers to do it and why would the government pay for legal aid lawyers to do it when you can force the peopel to do it for themselves for free.

that's the life for me.

i can do appeal and appeal and wait 20 days and send a reminder and send a reminder and send a complaint and lodge an appeal and file a proceeding...

and in 5 years maybe a judge will grant me a fit for purpose cooking pot!

oh, what a life for me!

nobody wants to live like this.

f*ck*ng nasty stupid idiots.

burned the convention centre because people were too stupid to recognise an underbid.

we will give the contract to the cheapest quote.

only the cheapest quote.

so they lie to get the contract.

insure the project overseas.

then soemone sets it on fire.

so the insurance will see the project through to completion.

still see no corruption, new zealand?

you have to be f*ck*ng kidding me.




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