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Re: med school interview

Posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2019, at 3:36:05

In reply to med school interview, posted by alexandra_k on November 17, 2019, at 3:29:54


Not feeling so great about the interview.

How am I supposed to convey *how much* I want to do it? I am supposed to beg. I think it is totally motivating and inspiring how these people want to be on selection committees so they can see if the people have three heads.

I am sure they know of the research that tells them that interviews are not predictive of anything at all.

And still, they choose to be part of interview process.

Because they ENJOY it.

Why would they enjoy it?

Because they enjoy feeling like they have the power to decide who gets to do it and who doesn't.

Because they enjoy feeling like their snap judgement of how the person seems in 4 or 5 minutes gets to decide if the person gets to do it or not.

Who would want to be responsible for that?

These people do.

That makes it hard to take them seriously.

Which makes the whole thing hard.

Which makes the whole thing selection for psychopathy.

Look them in the eyes and make them feel special. Feel like they are the most important person in the world. You will do and say and follow everything exactly what they want as they want. They will direct you in what to say and so on. Yes sir of course sir whatever you say sir I could not be more eagre to please you sir...

For a country that has no conception of informed consent.

The real wonderful magical special thing about it is how many kids they pick out after first year who were picked out from secondary school. The kids they have decided to basically fund all the way and not actually give them an academic qualification.

We are a 2 classes country. Rick people don't live here. But we have a lot of poor people who make their living taking other people's stuff. My rent supports 2 property managers. The kids downstairs seem to have the hang of it -- you have to deal drugs or sell your body or turn to crime to pay the rent. You have property managers to support.

I don't know anybody who owns only 1 house.

People own 3 houses or they have 2 property managers to support...

Thsi country is bull sh*t




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