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demise of education

Posted by alexandra_k on September 6, 2019, at 16:33:08

it doesn't look like we have a public education system, anymore.

we did away with the system whereby students sat end of year exams and the work was sent off to someone who had never med the students to grade their work.

we replaced it with this system of internal assessment. i just had a look and the sytem gives you an A which stands for 'achieved the standard' and if it is in bold that means you 'achieved the highest result for the standard' and it is consdidered excellent that you achieved the highest result. and by this sleight of hand every student believes they are excellent at everything the teacher said they had done enough on and they didn't need to do anymore on that.

so all these kids head off to university believing they are 'excellent' in mathematics and physics and chemistry and...

i don't now how the universities decide which of the kids from secondary school to give the scholarships to. the scholarships that fund people's place in residential halls and that fund their fees.

i suppose most of that funding comes from all these other kids who only signed up because they believed they were excellent.

and the people go 'well, if they were stupid enough to believe they were that bright then they deserve what they get'.

and the people who say that / who have that attitude / who profitter from it...

why would anybody help you?

i guess the idea is that you don't need help when you can simply take whatever you need or desire.

but some things can't be brought or sold.

some things must be freely given.

and, again, for someone who conducts themself like that...

why would anybody freely help you??

oh... my thesis is being examined by examiners... at cost to me of how mnay hundreds per months... sure... just waiting on your labs... just waiting on your labs for you...

that's why people don't want the people around them to become doctors. they don't want the people around them to succeed or to have independence or whatever.

they would rather be the head of the rubbish.

i guess they start in on that strategy when they are young and bullet proof.

then get older and it's too late.

the institutional structures did not stop them when they were young.

now they are older.

it's okay you can repent on your deathbed and god will forgive you and you will get to live in heaven forever just like everybody else.

doesn't seem fair.

so the death wish thing.

i guess that's part of it.



just get away from the people you know, i guess.

it is easier to believe that people are good and kind and deserving when you don't know them very well.

when you don't know them at all.

sad... but true.




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