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Posted by alexandra_k on September 1, 2019, at 6:11:22

`That which does not kill us, makes us stronger'

I never much liked that. I thought it was like Streptococcus Pyogenes. That which does not kill us only sets us up for something more insidious down the track. Rheumatic Fever. Heart Failure.

HIV does not kill us, either.

I guess I am thinking of the danger of being fooled into believing 'Just one more day. Just one more day. Just one more day of working for no credit and no remuneration. Just one more day, okay?' I guess I am just thinking of at what point it is... Rational. At what point it is... An imperative. Even. An imperative. To kill yourself. To teach everyone a lesson in: No. It is not the case that 'just one more day. It is not the case, at all'.

I guess that is what is ingeneous about the voluntary starvation strategy. It gives people... Up to about 1 month to respond. What is that? 25 working days? 30 working days? That is more than reasonable, surely.

'God is Dead'.

That one was thought to be dangerous. That idea.

Because the only reason why people didn't just rape each other as they wished and just pillage each others stuf as they wished was repression...


Was because of fear of being punished by God.

That is the only reason. The only reason the people have to be moral.

If the people thought that God wouldn't punish them in the afterlife there would be no reason for them to behave morally in this life.

If the people didn't think that God would reward them in the afterlife... They might just stop working in the present life. Why continue to labor for no credit and no remuneration? Why continue to live when ones contribution is not sufficiently valued in this world? Why be in the world at all when all the world wants is cloned gamma babies to produce nothing for no remuneration. Not very appealing, now, is it. Except it really must be for all the people who work so very very very very hard to make it so and to bring it into be...

This... Fear. Of what would happen if the masses believed God was dead. That there was no reason to behave morally.

This... Well, people have expressed. People do express. That people these days have no sense of morality. No respect for anything higher or whatever.

So now this idea. This... Reality. That big brother is watching you. Is watching everyone. Not to say that people will be punished. Punishment is costly. But people can be correctly assessed. It could be used for good...

Medicine is a difficult thing. With all the people with death wishes about. I do firmly believe in death wishes now. Largely people who are living with guilt / trauma. Some combination. Not letting go...

I do not let go because it is with me in the present.

I am not free yet.

People don't want me to be free. They want me to die with them in their swampy swamp swamp.

I told my Mother immunisations (some of them) aren't so much about protecting her as about protecting those more vulnerable than her. So they don't get sick if healthy her carries the bus about. And she says it's okay... She doesn't contact people.

But she loves to chat to people on the bus...

And she loves to hang about the hospital everytime anyone she knows has to spend time up there...

But she won't get immunised for them.

So why would they get immunised for her?

She won't turn up the heating for her.

So why would the public hospital?

It doesn't make any sense...

She loves most-est (wants to live with) the daughter who has the most-est indepenence from her. The one who is furtherest from her control. Why? Because she's happiest. For not being under her control. For not having to live with all her bad choices and decisions.

ANd still she won't let her people go.

And that's the way of it.


It is better if the people believe that God or big brother or whomever is watching them. Will punish them for bad. Otherwise... Most people don't believe there is any reason to be moral.

Because they lack the cognitive capacity to take more things into account... More things into account... More perspectives into account.

It isn't the view from nowhere. It is the view from everywhere. The view from anywhere.

It is arbitrary that I am associated with my body. And not your body. Or your body. Or whatever. It is arbitrary. There is no reason for it. I didn't chose it. It isn't a matter of deserving or worth...

Most people don't have the cognitive capacity... The empathy... To get to there. To apprehend it. To see it. To choose to embrace it.

They prefer to live their nasty bruitish and short lives.

Taking what they can in the short term.

External reason. Conditioning. Big brother is watching them. The only reason not to... Patronize... Some of the nastier things... Snuff videos... Underage porn.. Some of the nastier things... The only reason not to is fear of punishment.

Fear of punishment.

They do not see reason at all.

They don't want doctors.

Which wouldnt' be so bad... But they don't want anybody else to have them, either.

That's the problem.

My problem is that I feel entitled... That the world owes me.

No. My problem is that the world hasn't paid me for all the work that I've done.

Tick tock.




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