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Re: whack a mole

Posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 18:00:57

In reply to Re: whack a mole, posted by alexandra_k on June 2, 2019, at 17:45:41

because where are the people?

i understand there is an element of needing to hide...

but where are the people?

they have had more than enough time to get to know me... if there are any people like me in the world at all.

is this a lesson in why it is that most people lack access to medicine. most people will not pay for medicine if they can spend the money on other things instead. most people do not prioritise the things they cry for for free. most people will have a kid to thrust out in front of them and take all the hits. a buffer zone on times being hard because they can always eat their kid or eat the resources allocated to their kid or whatever...

the nasty corrupt people of this world...

those in charge of the people at the lowest level.

the ones who say 'i only got to do this becaue of how nasty and corrupt i am'.

yeah, that's why they don't get any higher. i understand that.

i'm not a psychopath, however.

i can't pretend to FEEL something for them that i don't.

i can't look the Dean of the School of Graduate Research in the eyes and thank her for F*ck*ng me, either. Thank Dean for not doing your job. Thanks Dean for taking more than 2 months to enrol me, for considering me for scholarships I didn't apply for, for not giving me scholarship I did apply for (clearly GPA wasn't something that featured on the no doubt objective selection critersion for that). MMMMMmmmm yeah feels so good to see you deny that I submitted my thesis when I have courier signed delivery evidence.

Black is white and up is down and...

You want a pain killer, is that it?

I think it is.

These people are too f*ck*d up.

THis is why they don't actually want Doctors in tehir community. You need to treat people as people. That means not seeing the things they choose to do to the people they have power over. That means not seeing how they refuse to conduct themselves professionally.

The least you have to do with them the more you can imagine them to be persons. These wonderful agents. With high level cognitive powers susch as rationality and empathy and the like.

I know...

This is why we don't really see people anymore.

They are all hiding away.

It's not just philosophical... Zombies...

They aren't behavioral dupilicates.

There are little things they say that give them away.

I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you. Joke. It's supririsng the things they will say.

Like there is nothing wrong.

I'm sure the selection people think there is nothing wrong with selecting for legacy or for who the biggeset suck up is. They think that's their job. THey have this special power to decide who the best are. To identify the best. To proclaim the best. Them and people 'like them'.

Who would rather spend their time in interviews with people sucking up to them...

Than all the other things one could be doing.

It isn't becuase you like people. Becaue you don't get to see them / get to see what they are really like.

Suck ups...

Tend to treat other people badly-- when they get opportunity. Right.

Suck up to me when and as I require it...


Or else.

What is professional or appropriate or commendable about that?


There isn't.

I'm done talking to them. There's none so dumb as those who cannot / do not. makes no differentce to me.




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