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Re: immunisations

Posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2020, at 17:40:13

In reply to Re: immunisations, posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2020, at 17:27:05

Aw the link doesn't work. it was a link to a humidity map. seems to me the states in the US that got hit the worst have higher levels of humidity.

I wrote an essay for bioethics in Otago at some point. As part of an anatomy course because anatomy wasn't really anatomy it was largely a lot of other things. I mean the Degree was filled up with things other than anatomy. It was a bit of a shame I would have loved to do courses in things like...

Comaparative animal biology of... Vision. Flight. Gait. Stuff like that. Swimmming. But we didn't so much. We mostly did cell biology and immunology and some bioethics.

Anyhoo... THere is this well known paradigm (old now, but depending on where you live in teh world and how old you are and how up to date you keep your knowledge of stuff with going to international conferences and the like you might think it is cutting edge)... About 'extended mind'. This idea that there is progress to be had to be made in thinking about the mind not as this sort of individual representation or symbol processing thing in the head... But to sort of see the contents of the mind as things that come into it from outside it.

And then a sort of externalisation of the mind. So thinking about how things like writing it down on a piece of paper or whatever increases the computational power or ability of the mind.

And there was this sort of a thing, I suppose, where ones phone is sort of an extended mind. It serves as a memory function for your own mind. That kind of a thing.

And then there was this embodied cognition kind of a thing about how the mind or brain is situated in an environment that enables or allows higher cognitive function (or not). Inventions such as mathematical notionation that allows complext computations to be performed relatively easily...

Anyhoo since it was an anatomy class I talked about embodied cognition of how people may have their self-identity tied up in the capacities of their body. So thinking about amputating a limb of an athlete along the lines of lobotomoising a philosopher. Sort of a thing. From the perspective of ethics. And from the perspective that different people might have differnent values or whatever they attach or put into different parts of the body or different capaccities or abilities they have. And if their self worth or status or standing in teh tribe is in their sports capacity, for instance, then... Anyway... Actually from memory it was about concussion and about this thing about how we need to keep them off the field to look after their brains. It was a freaking ethics essay and I was raising complex issues and so, of course, I got a bad grade for it, because that was not wanted, I was supposed to regurgitate wrote learned what he said to me only without any circuts of the cortext at all (even when I provided some philosophy names as references to show I didn't just make this sh*t up the night before instead of studying I was actually responding to or replying to the stuff he taught us in class).


Now I'm thinking about extended respiratory systems. Shame General motors can't make the world heat pumps. The ones that don't use much energy that have a fan built in so the warmed (or cooled) air is circulated to add a little wind chill or circulate the heat and that take the moisture out.

Not having a heat pump in at least one room of your house in this part of the world is tantamount to torture.

It is for / to me.

But my landlord is a grubby grub grub grub grub, no doubt. And everytime a health worker uses hand sanitiser the board of directors at the hospital kill a kitten.




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