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Re: merk won't give us keytruda anymore

Posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2020, at 3:09:55

In reply to Re: merk won't give us keytruda anymore, posted by alexandra_k on April 24, 2020, at 2:37:17


it's a sad day.

there has been a significant investment in developing out infra-structure.

when things got locked down. staff training rolled out.

training staff to use hand sanitiser and to use PPE.

in the hospitals. in the supermarkets. in the food supply chain.

looking into the 'bubbles' or living conditions of the workers.

training in personal space.

it's not just about coronavirus.

they reckon around 90 per cent of people have some kind of Herpes.

it can reactivate later as cancer.

lots of viruses do that. stay dormant inside cells and wait...

then re-activate later and produce cancers.

so about personal space. distancing. hand washing.

next week we are moving to level 3.

some (very limited) schools are re-opening.

again, staff training. spreading the kids out. putting their desks further apart. giving each child a resource instead of everybody sharing everything all the time.

it needed a massive culture-shift. how to get a massive culture-shift?

there did need to be some kind of a shock.

someone asked our PM how much longer before things return to normal.

she said something about how things won't return to normal.

we have learned a lot from public health. social distancing where possible. hand washing. not touching faces if you can help it. etc.

if you get sick get tested quickly.

that's right.

developing the laboratory testing capacity for fast turnaround on laboratory testing.


moving towards gold standard.

being able to identify things in time to do something about them.

to notify contacts.

our director general of health said that we are experiencing a new low of lack of respiratory symptoms. people aren't presenting with respiratory symptoms. he seemed surprised / mystified. he said 'because we arent' spreading them around'. only... most of our respiratory symptoms were supposed to be from non infectious things like asthma. so... why aren't we seeing teh respiratry symptoms? it is bizzarre.

next week we move to level 3. some limited hospitality stuff offering take-aways. again... if they show they can operate safely. again with teh health and safety training.

the dentists have stood up sensibly and said 'practice guidelines are new ppe for each patient. that will cost us $80 per person and who is supposed to foot the bill for that? Patients often can't afford to pay more for dental and we can't afford to eat that cost in the clinic'.

It has been really really really really hard for good health care providers to step up with that. to basically say that business as normal wasn't following the best practice guidelines. but they want to. they just don't see how to. how they can.

surely we can get teh price down... but we need to start with a sensible quote, i imaagine, of roughly how much we need for business as usual, even. so we know how much we need to purchase how frequently as some kind of a baseline regular order for a fair price for that.

it is progress. it is heartening to see progress. it feels... i am sad i don't feel more a part of things. just watching from teh side-lines... feeling unwanted. like i can't contribute or help or do anything... just doing f*ck*ng basic f*ck*ng reasoning for the f*ck*ng idiots who no speak english when it f*ck*ng suits them.

but it is good to see progress. the way it is good to see the 'right answer' sometimes when there is one no matter who or were that comes from.

hopefully our hospitals will be following practice guidelines by the time i'm expected to do clinical placements. hand sanitiser available.

and hopefully we will be taking foreign interns for 1 months of internship so i can get a good internship overseas. wehre i'm not expected to bribe officials (here or overseas) or not get signed off on any internship at all. i understand the interns were turned away from seeing the inside of the hospital because they likely didn't want them seeing they had no supplies and the 'trained staff' often likely were next to no existent as well. they can't go home with stories of that... so they take pictures of them in fake ERs and send them hiking in the mountains... i'm sure that's what we were doing if we were taking US interns, as well.


But Keytruda...

To a nation that is world leading in skin cancer.

(Pathoma says not to worry about skin cancer because it is so easy to identify and treat before it spreads or becomes a problem).


Would be prescribed too widely. With too many side-effects (autoimmune destruction of the body and death). Unless you have patients with demonstrated PLA-L over-expression in their cancer cells... ANd do we have the capability to test for that?



I'm not entirely convinced we are testing the positive covid 19 patients rather than testing postiive the turkey sandwich... or the status of the tester...

I just mean to say, I don't think NZ is ready for Keytruda, quite yet.

I don't know that we file our paperwork in triplicate...




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