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Re: third reich of dreams

Posted by alexandra_k on April 4, 2020, at 17:39:34

In reply to Re: third reich of dreams alexandra_k, posted by beckett2 on April 4, 2020, at 15:59:48

I would imagine that the Federal Governments stockpile is for the Federal Government.

For the essential government workers to carry out essentail government functions.

For the worst case type of scenario, indeed.

For when Trump needs to wear a face mask.

It's likely to be an end of the world kit.

Opening it...

It will never be opened.

I would imagine. Of the Federal Stockpile.


The states are choosing to see the situation as one in which they are being forced to outcompete the other states. The aim being to grub up all the supplies for themselves.

They need to come up with a sensible plan.

How many people are in the hospital? What kinds of roles? How many masks does each person need?

Be transparant about things like that. Then distribute things so that to each according to their need.

It's hard becuase they rightly point out that there isn't any point having the masks when staff aren't trained to use them properly.

So some hospitals are organised and able to come up with a sensible bid, I would imagine. Of what they need.

Which makes it easier to do business with them. I'd imagine.

Than states that just want as many as possible as cheaply as possible because it's a squabble for the 'top'.


I think what I have learned in all this is that you have to go:

If there isn't the supplies for me to 'do no harm' then there isn't the supplies for me to pass myself off as a doctor.

I am not meaning to suggest that it is the health professionals fault if they contract the virus. But you do have to ask yourself 'did I do the things I was supposed to do to make sure that I did not contract the virus'.

And when you don't do things like practice appropriate hand hygine and wear masks to protect your patients from you then... You become a vector. Making the situation worse.

I imagine many of our front line healthcare workers and police etc are the main healthy vectors for the virus right now.


America was starting to prosecute people for bribing University Admissions.

I know, it's terrible that these things happen in America.

But to the best of my knowledge America was the only country in teh world that said 'that's not okay and we actually will prosecute'.

To protect the integrity of the education system.


China is so hard becuase I don't speak the language. So I don't feel that I have a handle on what is going on, at all. Always reading what others say in translation. ANd being aware they have their own agenda.


Private school here... ONe of the kids was saying that it was like her school knew this was going to happen. Kids were prepared for online learning from the very start of the year so no major suprise when things shut down.


It isn't just about whether kids have access to devices or not.

It's about the quality of the teaching.


How is the University Council supposed to meet, now, to decide which of the students they will admit to which program?

They aren't allowed to meet in person.

They will have to use technology. How will they negotiate and bargian and be bribed?

How is that supposed to go, now?





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