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Re: third reich of dreams

Posted by alexandra_k on April 1, 2020, at 13:16:51

In reply to Re: third reich of dreams, posted by sigismund on March 30, 2020, at 22:41:24

I can't read the New Yorker right now, either.

The newspapers have gone away.

I will put in some time, today, with trying to access them online.

I know already that I will struggle with unreadable layouts etc.

Our access to news is limited. They don't want us knowing what is going on / how things are going around the world.

The Hamptons. Long Island.

vs Inner city hospitals.

Our hospitals...

All elective surgeries have stopped. It's our administrators wet dream: All of the money / budget. None of the expenditure.

We aren't inundates with cases.

But apparently our workers take 20 minutes to don PPE.

There has been extensive staff training in wearing PPE.

Because people in our hospitals are not trained to do that. Are trained not to do that. Are trained to use as little consumable items as they can in order to make more money for the administrators.

We hear from the something general of health. Ashley something. He's the only person who gets speaking rights, by the seems of it. The 'party line' only. I do understand that there is something... About projecting solidarity and one message. Not being confusing.

On the other hand this is not a free country at all. You are only allowed to speak of things that make money for administrators and senior officials.

There was some squabbling about face masks. They are swearing that we don't have a shortage. But that's because they are hoarding them and not letting people use them. Apparently the government has given them to the DHBs... And the DHBs gave it to front line health care workers (after suitable enough delay to ensure community transmission)...

Last week people looking after the supermarket cues were wearing face masks. They aren't now. They are standing there with a water squirt bottle squirting what really appears to be water into people's hands as they walk into the store. Massively watered down hand sanitising imitation kinds of stuff most likely.

Being cheap.

Less than 60 per cent alcohol.

Being ineffective.

Someone will think that they are being so very very very f*ck*ng clever. Watering down supplies.

Saving money.

We can't buy hand sanitiser in the supermarkets anymore.

It's being diverted... Uh... It's being hoarded.

Police don't have face masks.

Police go about in groups, now. That's a pretty big bubble.

They have really gone ham on ruining all the public services.


It feels like they are trying to tell us that the world has been gutted...

We don't see the wealthy people anymore. They've gone away into their mansions. They still get paid 'working from home'.

The resources are diverted their way preferentially.

I'm thinking about what things were supposed to have been like in Russia during the war. With the officials living the life of luxury while the workers...

For how much longer will things keep up?

Things were unsustainable.

Our education system has been gutted.

I think they only sign off on people who agree to part of the whole facade of all of the money and none of the work. All they do is police their position to make sure nobody does that job -- not on their watch.




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