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vaccinate each other first

Posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 15:38:07

In reply to Re: anti vaccers vs medical establishment, posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 23:12:04

I suppose that will be the idea of making vaccines available to health professionals 1 month prior to the general public.

If you are going to practice administrating vaccinations: Practice amongst yourselves, first.

Have the urge to use expired anasthetic to reconstitute the vaccine of your colleages?

Let's see before letting you lose...

Let ignorance be no excuse.


I have been thinking about the lack of ventillators.

I have been thinking about CPR.

I have been thinking about 'bag 'em' that they say on ER and the bag they use to ventillate until an... Electronic?? Ventillator becomes available.

What is it... Like... half a litre tidal volume maybe 11 times per minute. Something thereabouts.

For... HOw many days?

Maybe it's like CPR. Ventillate until the person wakes up and shoves you off.


I'm thinking about taking it in shifts.

To bag 'em.

But of course...

It's the lack of ventillation machines that's the problem.

It's not about the disorganisation of people, at all.

It's not about how we would rather choose who lives and who dies than get on with the job.


Why else would you want to do the job?

The people at the top cannot comprehend.


Why people at the top... People at the top... People at the top... Why, all I want people at the top... Each and every person... Each and every person who listens to me... ALl I want.. More than anything else in teh world.. Is to be like you. Just like you. All the you. Wants to be just like you, goochie goochie goo. And you, wonderful you, the wonderful you with all the things you do, decides I get to do nothing at all unless I am to be just like you.

And you? Why... You saw the truth that the aim in life is to grub as much money you can as you aim up the hierarchy. To be in charge of admissions. To ensure that nobody gets to do the things they want, the things they'll work for. To admit people, only, to the things that will make them turn out just like you. Realising the truth. The obvious truth that its all about grub grub grub grub grubbity grubbing to the people with the money.

That's it.

Freud was wrong. It's not about libido.

We're all death instinct over here.

It's about grubbing the money.

Because money buys you basic needs stuff like temperature and food.

Grub grub grubbity grub.


Holding back the devlopment of NZ




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