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anti vaccers vs medical establishment

Posted by alexandra_k on March 14, 2020, at 23:07:51

you have development of a vaccine. and it works. and people trust. so their kids are handed over to be vaccinated. they have vaccinations, themselves.

then someone decides to exploit that trust to profit in some way. maybe selling something cheaper to produce. pocketing the difference. maybe experimenting with an aspect of it. becuase they can and who is going to stop them? maybe mixing it with a toxin. dirty water when reconstituted. expired anaethetic mixed with a live vaccine. re-using needles. whatever. personal profits. money. psychological. you get the idea.

and medicine laments the rise of anti-vaccers and how it is that people don't have their vaccinations and disease proliferates in the face of medical interventions because stupid and ill inofrmed people spread mis-information an inaccuracies.

but the anti-vaccers don't need to look particularly hard at so very many cases of abuse and exploitation. and anti-vaccers are right that they don't have a great deal of reason to trust that they are getting quality vaccine from quality trained non-exploitative health professionals.

so there we are.

why would anybody in their right mind seek medical care, here?

why would anybody in their right mind, tourist, here?

we had a recent event. a volcanic explosion. we've had earthquakes and the like.

did the tourists get properly treated in our ER's?

did they not get sexually abused by people who likely shouldn'lt have even been in the hospital?



it took time for international people to get here. to intervene in tehir treatment.

is it worth travelling to NZ?

is it worth it -- really?

what does Coronavirus mean... I keep thinking on it.

it means the medical people can turn up on your doorstep and take you away to medical quarantine. isolate you from everyone else. put you on a ventillator or you die from lack of ventillation. healthy people. dying of Coronavirus. In China.

I imagine it would be hard to think up a worse torture than being kept paralysed on a ventillator.




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