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Re: New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2020, at 15:26:30

In reply to New Zealand, posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2020, at 15:10:27

And so what happened... Was that the people decided to mob me.

Because I did not take the time with my supervisor for her to support my thesis.

(That would have involved me working on it for 12 months at least before sending it off for exams).

She cries to anyone and everyone she can about how my thesis should not be accepted.

So then the Dean says that my thesis is not accepted and I need to keep working.

Then when I appeal that... My supervisor and the Dean meet with the Research Committee and they all decide that my thesis isn't accepted.

Then the Vice Chancellor jumps on the bandwagon.

The Ombudsman says sure, the University doesn't need to follow it's rules and regulations on processing thesis enrolments / submissions / completions. They can just do whatever they feel like.

And the politicians say 'the Univerities are independent from us... We don't have political control of the Universities'.

But of course the Vice Chancellor and the Dean and the like are all Government employees. And they are not doign the job they are paid to do.

Process the stuff.


Applying to Medicine...

The processing people decide that my application is tooooooo haaaaaaard for them to process.

They don't know how to process it so easiest if they just decline it.

So now... Where are we at? The faculty of medical and health sciences is having a meeting where they decide whether they are goign to jump on the bandwagon in the mobbing of me.

Because, you know, if I don't play this little game of being your good mother (rather than this game of providing informed consenting healthcare for people who want it) then I must surely be dubbed 'retarded' and forced to live on disability forever in this backgwards f*ck*ng country that couldn't be de-developing any faster (only it keeps on because people just keep on jumping on the mobbing bandwagon and the terminal strategy keeps getting just enough handouts constantly constantly constantly to such that (in our little pocket of the world) it is actually gaining momentum)




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