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New Zealand

Posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2020, at 15:10:27

I mean...

I knew I was sitting on a very very high GPA. One of the highest GPAs they would have seen.

I remember back when I was an undergraduate that people in the Arts were saying it was hard to know how the Arts should be graded, sometimes. But the Sciences were in fact giving perfect grades to their very best students for particular pieces of assessment and overall courses and it should be possible for the very best Arts students to similarly achieve the best marks...

And then I picked up psychology (which had considerably more students enrolled) and was achieving alongside their best studnets. YOu know, on the multiple choice tests that were obtained by the lecturers from the makers of our textbooks to check our understanding / comprehension of the book material that the lecturers tried to help walk us through...

(I don't do well nowdays when every lecturer wants to write their very own questions and I find I cannot parse them half the time).

But I knew I was sitting on a very high GPA. That was a huge factor behind my decison to return to NZ. The fact that I had that GPA. The only thing I was concerned about was that I didn't have the science background.

So... I was going to work to acquire it.

Only... There is no working to acquire it. It is something that is kept well guarded and hidden away so that we can have people *believe* that they don't get to do x or y or z because they lack the background / capacity while actively promoting people we have selected... Who also often lack the background or, if they have the background, also often lack the capacity.

I mean... There is a movement all around the world to take the Medicine out of Medicine. To have people hailed and revered and paid (depending on who is supposed to be paying them) as doctors. As surgeons even...

This movement all around the world...

To pick the people who get to do it...

And then to remove the knowledge on how to do any of it properly.

Or... The knowledge that goes behind it. On why it is done in certain ways...

I guess you just have people seeing that some people get to jab other people with needles. Get to cut them. Get to chop up dead people. Get to have contorl over drugs. Date rape drugs. Drugs that shut people up. Drugs that make people not remember.

I mean... Who wouldn't want to have that cotrol over others?

I mean... Who wouldn't want to get to do those things?

That's what it's about. Clearly.

It's not about persons. It's not about informed consent. It's not about workign for the good of persons.

It's not about understanding (for the good of and / or in the service and interests of) persons. It's not about understanding cells so you understand the various cancers so you can watch for them and act in time to help prologue lives worth living.

I have a hard time grasping / comphrehending the depravity of many people.

And of course there are different levels or layers or... Different amounts of repression that go into people behaving somewhat appropriately some of the time, at least. Putting hteir suit on.

I think our Maaori doctor places... The studnets are expected to take 'leadership' roles in the DHBs and for the government. That is the ideal, really. The ideal that they have, I mean to say. The Medical Degree is just another Degree and at the end of the day everyone works for the Governmetn stealing all the ideas and presenting them en masse as health policy.

Thats teh vision.

The ideal.

Thats keeping the peple in the service of tehir community (well in Wellington or teh regional centres). That's giving htem a chunk of money. That what leadership means. All your stuff is my stuff. ANd I meet wih the leaders of other regioal centres (other DHBS) about how once we have taken our slice of the pie...

There's nothign left for the front line health workers.
There's no purchase of services.
There's no equipment. Theres no supplies.

There's no police. There's no teachers.

The money gets taken before it gets to the people who do the work that we value... We don't value teh work.

We don't want teachers teaching. We don't want our kids objectively assessed.

We need to at least allow people to get out, though. If we don't value industry then we need to let our industrious people go.

It's not cool to take the products they produce (for the short time they produce them) and then have another generation quickly quickly so we can fool them into producing for us too... Over and over....

It's a terminal strategy. A fitness trap.

It's like the picture you get of the tribal person in the canoe looking all fearce with teh paddle...

And then you watch as a friggate rolls up gracefully and the wake...

The bigger picture.


Let's see. Since coming back here it has taken years and years and years and years and years for people to hear me say 'I need to live independenly'. Finally now I am living independently. But I do not have money so I can contribute with good choices to the economy. I am expected to get 'extra help' or to engage in unlawful activity or to have choices made for me by others in order to have basic things like cooking pots and clothes and so on.

I am an adult.

Since coming back here... I learn (from my friends who have jobs in governments) that the government actually makes jobs for you, sort of kind of. Or at least, for some of the people. So 1 year frictional unemployment, they reckon. Well... Wheres my job?

Wheres teh advertisements for people who have the skills that I have?

Where are teh job advertisements?

I'm not seeing a bunch of jobs advertised (but money is going to people paid to do verious things) and I am seeing a bunch of jobs advertised that are not being offered (that are extracting information out of applicants only) and I am seeing a bunch of jobs that are advertised over and over and over and over and over (e.g., trained medical laboratory science technician 12 am to 8 am shift part time only).

But that didn't matter... What mattered was acquiring the science knowledge and studying Medicine.

So I had years of sh*t to get through. Learnign things that nobody teaches. Learning not to take their assessment of me particularly personally since they will grade me wrong because I meaning encoded and they don't have synonyms so couldn't tell tha twhat I said was meaning equivalent to what is on their grading schedule...

Learning that they will fail Arts / Social Sciences students who don't do their work as they want them to do their work. HOw is that?

You start with something out of the post-modernist essay generator. Then you line edit it. You go through and change maybe 2 things in every line. One particularly great strategy is to wiggly underline something and put a question mark in the margin. That delays things indefinately. When you do that. There could be maaaaaaaaany meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetings about what is going on with those sentances.

But so one person copy line edits it. THen you make those changes (as best you can). And you have a meeting where you express concern deep grave concern. I am so worried about my progress. I am worrying tha tyou are not accepting what I have to say (but clearly you like me - right? Clearly you like me and want to agree with me in person out of agreeablness - right? Clearly you will go 'okay' and accept me as a person and then you will sign off tha tI copy edited it just the way you said'.

And this is the process of acceptance.

Of the thesis.

And the idea of an education in NZ is that a thesis will come to be accepted. By everyone. ANd the pesron will be embraced into the acadaemic / intellectula community and we will see fit to pay them.

How long does it take?

Well... Many people spend their entire lives working on their thesis and it never comes to be accepted by the local academic community.

People will dig in their heels and be obstcutive. But you are supposed to take it very slowly and very gently so you start to gain momentum.... And you get one supporter.. And then they will help you... THey will talk to the people on your behalf and advocate for you...

And so it's an interpersonal negotiation process of something that popped out of the post modernist essay generator in teh first place. May as well have.

The content of the tehsis is... Well... The less it makes cogntive sense the better. Because it isn't about that. You aren't even expected to be engaging in / with people wtih cognitive capacity / faculty / facility.


But taht's not an education.

I wrote them a thesis.

I paid for them to process my thesis.

I paid for them to give it to examiners who had never met me. Examiners who did not hear from anybody at all about whether they *wanted* me / my thesis to be accepted or not.


Because I have no desire at all to spend my life with people who need / want me to be good mother to them.

I'm not suited to that.

So let me go.

I paid money for my thesis to be processed. Process it properly. An edcuation.


We don't have an edcuation system. Not really. Not anymore.

We don't have a health system, either.

Things happen... The international community sends people in to help for a time. To help things... Progress properly. E.g., Burns from the volcano explosion. People from overseas come and help the locals understand what you do to look after burn people so they live.

What? We don't just make eyes at each other all day and call it health system?




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