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Re: leaders

Posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2020, at 14:33:19

In reply to Re: leaders, posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2020, at 14:19:25

We have an Education Act that says that there is Freedom of Speech and the like in our Universities.

Which of course means that we don't and that there isn't.

I see now that the reason why the DHB offered a scholarship to someone working on health equity was so they would get to collect up all the ressearch proposals / all the ideas for research.

The research proposals aren't being used for the purpose for which they were collected (deciding which project to fund). The research projects are free labor done for the DHB under false pretenses.

They say that they actually did fund a project.

The condition on the funding was that the person was required to give a presentation of their research to the research group at the DHB.

They say they funded a psychology studnet's masters research.

A masters research project has a 1 year enrolment.

It is actually supposed to be 1 academic year (34 weeks) including the examination period (Tertiary Education Commission). But the Universities have been refusing to do things this way (the way they are funded) and instead have been going against regulations in requiring (forcing) students to work for at least 12 calendar months before submitting the thesis for examination (where examination takes at least 3 months and where the outcome of examination will always be delivered by the University (but not the examiners) that the student is required to keep working for at least 6 motnhs and then have another round of examination).

Only I think MA or MSoc Sci is different from MPHil because the outcomes of examination do not include 'keep working'. Still, my outcome of examination could not be 'keep working' becuase that was not an outcome of examination.

But I don't suppose there is anything in the regulations on *when* the University must confer a Degree.

Waikato says you are *invited* to conferral ceremonies. You don't apply on the grounds that you have completed the requirementsf or the Degree.

The leaders *invite* the people they have selected to graduate to graduate. Likely the people they don't feel they are profiting from by keeping them around. Studnets who won't produce work independently, I mean to say. Studnets who might be skilled in appropriating the work of others, however.

There was this document that the VC wrote. I wondered if he wrote anything. He clearly wrote it himself. He said that there is a lot of grey in teh rules.

Yes. When you lack the ability to see the overall aim / goal / vision... When you lack the ability to see the reason for the rules that are there (to interpret them in line with the vision). When you see the customs and so on that should be in place because they are in keeping with the vision (e.g., in sending the thesis that has been submitted out for examination such that the examination process can be completed within 3 months per 120 points which is in teh spirit of the whole thing)...

Then you see lots and lots and lots of opportunities for yourself to exploit things and have things come out to your own personal advantage.

But that's not what we call being a 'team player'. Or having leadership capacity.

But I guess they didn't publically advertise that job.

I don't know how much World Bank / International Monetary Fund / NZ Government money he takes each and every year for himself...

While he goes about saying, in print, that he lacks the capacity to do his job.

I guess that's why he goes about saying 'make me'.

Why doesn't he just follow the f*ck*ng rules?

The appeal came to him as the highest authority within the University.

The evidence was compelling.

He had the opportunity to see reason.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.




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