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Re: leaders

Posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2020, at 14:19:25

In reply to leaders, posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2020, at 14:02:51

And the people go 'if this is what you think of us then why would you want to join us?'

But of course: I don't.

THeir leadership has been ensuring that things remain underdeveloped here (going backwards in so very very very many respects).

Only someone who willed the extermination of the people would want them to lead.

And that's the trouble, really.

What I want for them to do is the things they are supposed to do.

Process teh application. PRocess my application. Process everyone elses application too.

Process the completion. Process my completion. PRocess everyone elses completion too.

Advertise the jobs. Advertise all of the jobs. In places where people with the relevant capacity can find them. Select the person with the greatest capacity for the job. NOt the person who behaves badly enough for you to feel better about yourself. NOt the cheapest person. NOt the least completent person for you to feel better about yourself. Not the person who follows you about all day seeking your approval for everything to make you feel indepensible and useful.

Only... These are the jobs that the government made. The government chose to invest in these things. To enble these rounds of interviews. To pay for people to advertise these positions to engage in this process of interview. To encourage people to meet with them so they can help prepare them for their job interview...

Imagine if Trump went... Hey, you know that... Was it 10? 15 week job interview you all signed up for... Where you agreed to take that many weeks interviewing in exchange for likely some kind of living allowance and board in a NY apartment andfootage being broadcast nationally and internationally for various employers to see...

Imagine if in that last week he was like 'oh, by the way, we need yuo to stay on for another 10 or 15 weeks or we won't broadcast anything, at all. Just, uh, keep on 'interviewing' and here's another, uh, task for you to complete for me...'

People would walk off.

They would have every right to ruin his reputation so that people know he did that. So good people know not to do business with him.

He should be required to do what he promised / signed up for.

The Univerity promised to process applciatons for thesis enrolments within 1 month. They refused. I produced evidence for them that I started working with that month and they appear to be too stupid to apprehend that an email from my supervisor commenting on writing and directing my reading is supervision.

The University refused to send a thesis submitted for examinaiton out for examination. THey spent a week looking into whether there was a regulation that meant they couldn't sent it out. THey didn't find one. But of course there also wasn't one that said they had to send it out. SO they didn't send it out.

THey didn't seem to grasp that clearly they are supposed to send it out in a timely fashion. I mean... What's the overall thing again? Oh yeah, the overall function of the University is for the leaders to make as much money off of the students labor as they can while refusing to acknowledge or credit or sign off on their students work (By, you know, passing it off as their own work and by bullying the student away).

When students enrol in a 1 year research Degree it isn't reasonable for the University to have not sent the thesis submitted for examination out... What is it now... 2 years later. 2 years and several months...

The University NEVER sent a thesis that I submitted for examination out for examination.

They go: Make us!





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