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Re: Only the involuntary

Posted by alexandra_k on January 3, 2020, at 20:09:20

In reply to Re: Only the involuntary, posted by alexandra_k on January 3, 2020, at 19:50:20

because people have it into their heads that they were forced to do whatever they were forced to do in order for them to have the money they have got.

i did not do the things i was forced to do for the money.

what things?

well, when my supervisor in Australia had a crying tantrum after my mid-term review that he didn't think my work was good enough I was supposed to present myself to him all 'oh my god oh my god oh my god my one and only purpose in life is for you to feel happy with me and sign me off and sign me off and sign me off and what do i need to do so that you will sign me off...


i need to wait...

i need to wait on you...

i need to wait on you to write my thesis for me. to tell me what to take out. to tell me what to put in. to tell me what my original contribution is allowed to be. to proclaim that that is my original contribution to all so people know that that is my original contribution.

and then after i labor for you for like 6 or 7 years (for 4 or 5 years of funding -- so starting to look like less than minimum wage per year) then you might just possibly sign me off.

but only if i can look you in the eyes and display... gratitude. i guess.

something like that.

and i just thought to myself that if that is what philosophy is about... it isn't worth doing.

if my supervisor wants to write about my topic -- he can go ahead. he's a big boy. go nuts. i wrote about my topic. i gave him my work about the topic. it was good, honest, work that i did.

if he didn't ask to see drafts. if he didn't ask what i was working on. if he didn't call for meetings. if he didn't ask to see what i was reading. if he didn't do any of those things in time for him to sign me off in time -- then that's on him.

he doesn't get to say 'hey i didn't do my job so now i'm not going to sign off on the job you did'.


there is this book about when you are in the wards. it says something about finding out who is responsible for signing you off early and arranging to have a meeting with them early and asking them what they want to see from you. so then down the track (when they have their inevitable tantrum -- which the book didn't say) then you can show them your records of how you did the things they said they needed for you to do in order for them to sign you off.

of course that doesn't mean that they will. particularly if you have demonstrated actual competence to them they would probably prefer you to stay and keep doing the work. that is particularly the case when they don't want ot pay anyone for doing the work. why not just fail you for a year and make you do the work while also paying them. i mean... it would be idiocy not to do that -- right?

i mean why would we want competent people to obtain qualifications and train the next generation to competence? why would we do that when we can withhold their qualification and train the next generation to incompetence and then not pay anybody ever at all. just keep all the resources for ourself. yay, i win the life game. i win the game of life. if you do not pander to me appropriately then you will have none of the stuff! all the peoples function is to appease me so i give htem stuff!



It's just like primary school. you can fail her, she'll be okay. you don't have to teach her maths, she'll be okay. she'll be okay. she'll be okay.

we got all her stuff for ourselves and she is forced into institutions ahahahahahahahahahaha.

while we have endless meatings (ahahahaha) about what the people must always eat always forever because of course we know what is best for everyone. everyone. everyone. everyone at all.

Gotta love how the people on those committees are typically those who make the most unhealthy of 'options' for themselves.



i know it isn't like this for most people, here.

it's awful like this to try and scare people away from the University.

From the University which they ruined.

From the libraries that they closed down.

From the books that were all defaced with highlighters and scribbles.

From the people who nobody would teach to read so they decided to scribble out what was in the books.

From the people who could not understand the meanings so they decided to cut those pages out.




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