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Re: Only the involuntary

Posted by alexandra_k on January 3, 2020, at 19:50:20

In reply to Only the involuntary, posted by alexandra_k on January 3, 2020, at 19:41:12

There is a genuine cognitive -----blip------ that happens when people simply cannot comprehend that someone wants something other than what they want for those people.

Like my Mother with her idea about what pot I should have.

What does it f*ck*ng matter to her?

It only matters insofar as she gets her way and I don't get my way. And it is a way that impacts on my way of life and not at all on hers.

And that's the kind of cognitive incapacity / ineptitude.

People making stupid decisions about how things will be for OTHER PEOPLE over and over and over and over and over.

And sometimes it is true that they aren't hypocrits. They live in the appaling living conditions (for example) that they wish to see inflicted upon everybody else to validate their choices or to reenact their trauma or who f*ck*ng cares why the impact on others is the same.

Let the people go.


NZ still has not provided me with a living wage enough to live in WHO standards of healthy housing.

My property manager has informed me that the building owner (likely the University buying up land around the hosptial / university for future expansion) has no plans to install air conditioning / heating / ventillation.

The only heater (a sort of anti freeze night store heater that is designed to keep sub zero temperatures out of a small space that might drop just below zero) is not capable of heating my main living area (never mind the bedroom) to 18 degrees c.

The ventillation above the stove top looks and sounds like ventillation but doesn't capture steam and shift it outside at all. It is an old concrete building with thick concrete walls.

Whatever whatever whatever point is I must live in housing not up to WHO standards on healthy housing. 72 per cent of my income goes to the building manager / owner of this building.

What do they do with the money they get?

What do they do with the money I wonder?

What do they do with it?

Figure out how much unhealthier they can make hospital meals?

I remember complaining in Dunedin about the lack of drinking water.

There was one spout in the library that let water out at such a piddle that you couldnt' drink from it hardly at all without your lips / mouth / face touching the water outlet.


The radiology department had a water cooler across the road.

But I don't think that was supposed to be for the public. Unless the public had a radiology appointment (hahahahahaha).


No drinking water for students on the health science campus. Unless you want to fill up your drinking water bottle in the toilet, of course.

No paper towels.

Historial posters (for historical purposes of course) about 20 years ago best standards of hand hygine for NZ on the wall.

You know, before the invention of paper towels.

Which we do not have.





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