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Re: Modest Proposal from work for the dole

Posted by alexandra_k on July 28, 2019, at 15:25:22

In reply to Re: Modest Proposal from work for the dole, posted by alexandra_k on July 27, 2019, at 20:41:51

We have some public works about. There is this wall in my home town. A concrete retaining wall, I guess you call it. To hold the steep slope / to prevent landslide. Apparently it was built after the war. When the men came back from the war. To give them work to do. I don't think it was 'work for the dole' but it was a project the government decided to... Advance(?)... Which involved the government choosing to employ people with genuine jobs.

I thought that was what the government was for. One of the functions of government. To create jobs for the people. That was a way of it distributing the wealth that it has for the common good.

Things like public schools and social houses and police stations and fire stations and hospitals and the like... Roads and so on... The infrastructure for society. Libraries. Town halls. Community centres...

But these things don't get built anymore, seems to me.

Instead... We have a few people the government gives much money to and the government is unwilling to fund meaningful honest good jobs for the people. We don't have firemen as government jobs, here. THey are 'volunteers'. Nurses and teachers are not valued / respected / remunerated such that good people want to work in those fields. There isn't career advancement for good work...

This idea of 'work for the dole'... Is that just an idea of the government not paying people minimum wage for jobs created by the government?

Why cant' the government arrange for good honest jobs creating good honest things that are for the good of the people in the country... And maybe even tourist destinations for the people overseas?

WHy can't teh government do it's job to promote GDP?

I just don't understand the level of incompetence / ineptitude / corruption...

I don't understand it, at all.




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