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Re: Modest Proposal from work for the dole

Posted by alexandra_k on July 27, 2019, at 20:41:51

In reply to Modest Proposal from work for the dole, posted by sigismund on July 27, 2019, at 7:56:52

I don't really know what the problem is...

I see lots of people who would very genuinely love to have some meaningful work. To produce / make something and to have a fair wage and to feel like they are part of makings good things and making things better.

There just doesn't seem to be any kind of work, like that.

So the kids are forced into tertiary education of some variety or other... Where any kind of productive research output is squashed by advisors or supervisors who think that research school is all about them keeping slaves for as long as they can get away with it...

Where the grades are... Rather randomly assigned. Where the competent kids are failed and the incompetent kids are passed...

Where frictional unemployment is 1 year... 2 years... Where you will be required to undergo testing which is designed to have you feel badly...

All designed to have you accept...

COnsiderably less than a fair wage. For a dead-end job. To constantly grease grovel and suck up to incompletent supervisors whose main aim in life is the micro-mismanagement of others which involves nobody producing or accomplishing anything... Not on their watch.

While they collect up all the resources for themselves and their cronies.

Survival of the other-focused bullies.. Taking all the stuff and preventing productivity.

Seems to be the kiwi way.

Work for the dole doesn't work here. Because nobody wants anybody to do any work. You are all supposed to stand in a circle facing inwards (to prevent being stabbed in the back). Warily scanning... Scanning... Scanning... For teh person in charge who will set you busy-work or emotionally respond to me thus and so busy-work on demand. It's all about making them feel... Important. Productive. Needed. While they take up all the money and refuse to allow...

People to focus on their own work.


Awful country run by awful people.

If there is different here...

Where did it go?

I am trying to remember where I left it...




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