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Lou' reply-feythofthewrd schleprock

Posted by Lou PIlder on March 11, 2013, at 19:17:37

In reply to Re: Lou' reply-, posted by schleprock on March 11, 2013, at 18:37:51

> > > > How were you able to set aside doubt in favor of faith? I've read many of your posts and they all seem to carry the common anchor of logic. Our present discussion defies logic in favor of faith. Having read these posts, I have concluded that you are an intelligent and reasonable man. So I guess my question is how you arrived at your conclusion when my intelligence and reason led me in a different direction? I believed, once, and would really love to be able to believe again without feeling like I was just hedging my bets, if that makes sense...
> > >
> > > M_F,
> > > You wrote,[...doubt in favor of faith diffrent you arrived...would really love to believe again...]
> > Now faith is something that could be in different types. Their is man's own faith which is different that the faith that has been revealed to me.
> > YOu see, there is a faith hat is the sam faith as the Rider on the white horse. He had a different faith type than human faith. This type of faith is Word faith. YOu see, the Rider is the Wordof God. The logos, the intellegence of God. Tghis type of foaith is iven to one, it is infused into the person's being and thinking and spirit and heart.
> > Now I am prevented here from posting what has been revealed to this type of faith, the faith that the Rider has, that is imparted into one, given to one, infused into one's heart and mind. This type of fath chnges one into a whole new creature. Old things pass away, all thigs become new, you sing a new song.Gone are the dark clouds, for this type of faith has the Sun of righeuosness arise with healing in his rays.
> > The prohibitions posted to me here by Mr Hsiung prevent you from knowing what has been revealed to me about faith. You see, there are requierments to receive this type of faith, a healng faith, a moving faith, a faith that gives you the power to overcome all things, even depression and addicton.
> > Lou
> Word faith indeed.

You wrote,[...Word faith indeed...]
In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was there from then on. This Word, manifests itself in human form. You see, no one could look at the God that the Jews give service nd worship to and live. But this God visits people in the form of a man, The Word of God. The scriptures that the Jews use tell about this manifistation of God in human form as The Angel Of The Lord. The faith that The Angel Of The Lord has can be imparted into us, given to us, a faith that gives power to overcome. The Rider on the white horse is The Angel of The Lord. He is The Word of God that can become flesh. It is His faith that I am bringing to this forum. This is the faith that enables one in bondage to depresssion and addction to have the shackles of slavery to them broken. This faith opens the Gates of hell and allows the captives to be freed. This faith can never die, for it is The Faith Of The Word, as you see. This faith reveals what we are and why we are here and where we are going. This faith reveals beyond psychiatry/psychology. This faith leads you to know the truth that makes you free. This faith restores the broken-hearted. This faith wipes away all tears and all pain and leads you to sing a new song and have a new heart.
This faith is a shield. For the God that the Jews give service and worship to is a sun and a shield. I am prohibited from posting what I think could save your life and prevent life-ruining conditionds and addictions by the nature of the prohibitions to me here by Mr Hsiung. But I say to you, that if you can understnad just one part of this, that there is a star of light comimg to you that could put light in your heart to dispell the darkness that could lead you to come out of depression and into a marvelous light, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.




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