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Omega 3 EPA vs DHA Research and Discussion

Posted by mtom on August 13, 2019, at 11:44:37

Ive been researching omega-3s (n-3), but theres so much data, I know Im missing some. Im interested in hearing about research others have found and comments on the following:

Many studies conclude Fish Oil supplements may be effective in treating depression. Some have not. Some indicate Fish Oil alone may be effective, others suggest effectiveness when used as an adjunct to pharmaceutical medications. Populations in countries with high fish consumption have been found to have lower rates of depression.

Most studies used a combination of EPA and DHA, with a higher ratio of EPA. Doses vary. Few have compared EPA to DHA. Most conclude EPA is responsible for affects on mood.

However many articles point out that most of the n-3 in the Brain is DHA.

The study found that DHA may be equally, if not more, effective than EPA for improving mood. It points out most n-3 studies used higher EPA:DHA ratio. A few studies have found possibilities that DHA may reduce cognitive decline. One food questionnaire study found high DHA intake was associated with lower levels of anxiety. A more recent Review study found high dose 2000 mg or more n-3 showed an association with reduced anxiety symptoms. Interestingly it found supplements containing less than 60% EPA showed a more significant association in reducing anxiety.

Conversely, one poster found DHA increased their depression. An article I read quoted a Naturopath who has taught at a major Medical University as stating EPA alleviates depression while DHA increases it. However no references were cited. Perhaps this was observational on her part but I havent been able to find any research or other articles reporting that DHA increases depression.

Although EPA is considered to be more anti-inflammatory, one review study referenced a number of studies indicating that DHA may be more effective in certain inflammatory disorders How does high DHA fish oil affect health? A systematic review of evidence - scroll to section DHA in inflammation and immune function (the rest is interesting too).

Many articles discuss n-6 to n-3 ratio in the diet as a key factor as they compete for the same enzymes and high omega 6 will therefore prevent uptake of omega 3. Although n-6 is also an essential fatty acid, many point out that the ratio of n-6 to n-3 in our diets has increased tremendously over time. Because of this, there are some who claim that long term supplementation with omega-3s may be necessary in order to gradually displace the n-6 fats in cell membranes and components with n-3s. And that reducing n-6 intake to a lower ratio vs n-3 is important. If this is the case, studies showing no effect for omega-3 may not have been long enough, or may not have considered omega-6 intake. The same may apply to individuals who have tried supplementation with no effects. Omega 6 intakes have increased due to processed foods frequently containing soy oil and other high n-6 seed oils. It is also claimed that feed lot cattle have higher amounts of n-6 versus grass fed and finished cattle which contain more n-3.

Many articles claim that humans are inefficient in converting plant forms of n-3 (e.g. flax, walnuts) into the active forms DHA and EPA. I see there is growing interest in Algae Oil, which are the source for DHA and EPA in fish, as an alternative to fish-oil, particularly for vegetarians.

Experiences, comments, additional research?




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