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Re: safety

Posted by alexandra_k on July 7, 2017, at 22:47:33

In reply to Re: safety, posted by alexandra_k on July 7, 2017, at 22:29:24

I'm sorry.

Of course, this is what it means to start over (given that I didn't start out with independent wealth). I wouldn't have the option to start over in certain other countries... Though... It would have been more likely (though not assured) that I had a higher quality education starting out in certain other countries...

It used to feel that the internet was a refuge from my world. It use to feel like I found people like me, in some sense. People who shared private things about themself (things that they wouldn't share with most people IRL). That there were meaningful connections that were made. Now it feels like the internet is the world that one needs refuge from...

I got an A for cell biology. I need to get B/B+ sort of a combination in biochemistry / public health this semester. Then need to see about disability equity place. I think... I think it actually might happen, if I get the grades and get through this semester without punching someone for assaulting me in the lunch cue... I suppose I could just get late meals... The more I withdraw the more they will persecute me... Most especially if they think they can ruin things for me. It's this whole tribalism thing... Whoever doesn't love us and want to remain with us forever is best murdered in their sleep because otherwise they'll likely go join the opposition and just as soon as murder us in ours...

I'm sorry I've been very hard on you over the years, Dr Bob. Thanks for helping raise me. I hope they let me be a surgeon. Maybe a trauma surgeon. Something... Within my capacity. We aren't anywhere near close to moral treatment of the insane, over here. Just too swamped... With immigration added to that... Refugees... And it really does seem to be the case that most people seem to like to live like...




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