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Re: safety

Posted by alexandra_k on July 7, 2017, at 22:29:24

In reply to Re: safety Dr. Bob, posted by alexandra_k on July 7, 2017, at 22:12:39

I think it is about different kinds of people. I don't know how to quantify it, particularly. I think different people have tried over the years...

Partly it is about high-stimulus vs low-stimulus. Partly it is about enthusiasm / motivation. Partly it is about higher vs lower pleasures. Partly it is about intelligence.

Partly it is about mis-communications.

Some people show *liking* and *appreciation* for other people by running up to them and screaming at them and pawing at them. Like exuberant puppies. They can't seem to understand than when someone (involuntarily) cringes away from them that that person is not finding that greeting to be pleasant. They only escalate their greeting becoming louder and paw more violently...

I just need to minimise time spent with such people because it isn't relaxing or fun for me at all. It is unpleasant and stressful.

When I have to listen to other people squeaking and squawking and yelling and giggling... Always 3 or 4 or 5 or more... It puts me in a state of high anxiety.

When I have to walk past their trash that they leave about themselves - because they like living in it, one can only suppose.

When there are flickering TV screens and constant sounds of advertising jingles from them and over radio stations - that they voluntarily listen to.

There are people who *like* living in such environments.

And that is fine. What I don't understand is why we MAKE people live in such environments when they are unhappy there and when they don't fit. That's what doesn't make any sense to me, at all. Why do people INSIST on putting me there?




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