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Re: ? SLS

Posted by lil jimi on September 8, 2016, at 22:39:30

In reply to ?, posted by SLS on July 5, 2016, at 6:21:55

Hi, Scott,

Jim here.

I remain bewildered. I feel I wander a wilderness that has lost its boundaries.

How is it possible that a great many people I know and admire manage to abjure the simple, effective and obvious admonitions to Not feed, fuel, enable, encourage and energize the unworthy, unnecessary, inappropriate, trivial, uninteresting, insular, inane, echoic noise of the lost, confused creatures who howl their broken inner hollowness at meaningless mirages of their own conjuring?

Everywhere else I go the boundaries are all clearly posted:
"Do NOT Feed the Trolls!!"

How is it avoided that this is THE universal and essential strategy for dealing with this challenge? How is it possible that people here that I know and love allow themselves to be provoked into providing the only sustenance of value that perpetrates the problem? I am Not a genius. How it is that this obvious, simple thing is not as obvious and as inescapable to our friends? How am I missing how they can miss this?

I have a friend who is insane. He has sister who succumbed to late life schizophrenia. I went to High School with my friend. He was my best man at my wedding. We are very close. He comes to me ranting about his sister. "I told her needed to do X for Y! She promised she would! I told her I depended to her to X so she could do Y! She swore she would! She swore it to me on our Mother's grave! Now? Now she won't do X!! She won't! How can she do this to me!"

I say, "Allen, expecting irrational people to behave rationally is irrational. We both know Carol is schizophrenic. Why do you expect her to be rational?"

Allen looks back at me. His eyes are aflame with his insanity. He sees that I am the one expecting him to be rational. Who is more insane?

Should we suspect that Brother Bob has departed and left noisomeness here so the others may learn this from the piddling?

I write this to you because I want to suggest we play a game. I want to suggest we keep score on our friends who want to play. One point for each reaction, interaction, mention or attention of any kind referring to the unmentioned. Lowest score wins.

Starting NOW.

Everybody starts with a Zero. I already deserve a one. I'm already in last place. May I keep score on you, Sir? Would be so kind as to keep score on me, please?

Tell me: Fair enough?

~ Jim




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