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Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? linkadge

Posted by alexandra_k on February 8, 2021, at 0:55:06

In reply to Re: Who has gotten a Covid Vaccine Experiences? alexandra_k, posted by linkadge on February 4, 2021, at 6:59:25

> I'm noticing a trend here. People who say they don't want the vaccine are saying ..... "I've heard ....".

Yeah. When I say 'I've heard' it's often short-hand for 'Pathoma Says', or, 'I read it in 'First Aid' (First Aid for the United States Medical Lisencing Examination study book).

Does Pathoma or First Aid say things specifically about Covid? No. They say things specifically about vaccinations and the way that different kinds of vaccinations work (the risks and payoffs). They say things about auto-immune disorders and the way they work, insofar as we know about them, and things about what kinds of vaccinations are or are not recommended for various people given what clinicins know about their history of auto-immune disease or potential for it's development.

> There's a lot of misinformation out there. People say a lot of uneducated and uninformed things. Those things travel and get passed on by people who don't want to cognitively challenge them.

Yes. That is true. But it is also true that people try and take advantage of people sometimes and, unfortunately, that has included people being lied to about what medical treatments are likely right for them.

> A vaccine does not activate the immune system in perpetuity. It briefly activates the immune system so that antibodies can be produced.

Well, it aims for increased numbers of memory cells capable of responding to the antigen to be produced by teh body and remain in the body. So there is immunological memory so large numbers of antibodies can be produced if the body is exposed to the antigen in the future (and hopefully those large numbers of antibodies produced in the future won't turn out to be active against the body's own cells or won't turn out to congeal weirdly into clots in the blood or won't turn out to form another kind of... Amyloidosis or prion type of disorder)...

> Autoimmune disorders are poorly understood, but there is no established link to vaccines.

People who have a disposition towards allergies are disposed to making antibodies that target self-tissue instead of antibodies that target other tissue only.

They are often recommended not to have certain kinds of vaccination because of the increased risk that their bodies will make antibodies that target self-tissue. But, again, these are people with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis (where their body has accumulations of self-attacking proteins agglutinating in their synovial fluid) or Lupis or... Certain pre-existing disorders like that.

Like how dust doesn't CAUSE asthma attacks but can trigger an asthma attack in people who have prior existing asthma. Immunisations can cause auto-immune responses in people who have a prior disposition for their bodies to do this. The vaccination simply acts as a trigger for them instead of natural exposure acting as a trigger for them.

I do worry that going all gung-ho on trying to make bodies produce antibodies to a great variety of things (as they are considering with the new mRNA vaccines since teh major benefit of them is that they can be quickly altered in their specificity and a vaccine for a new strain manufacturered relatively easily)... My concern with them wanting to vaccine people against lots and lots of things (many more strains of influenza, new strains of Covid... MOre and more and more and more things...)

My concern is that the body will be producing a lot of antibodies. And when the body produces a lot of proteins like that there is the possibility that they will start to fold strangely or agglutinate with each other or start forming clots with each other or start binding or sticking to the walls of the blood vessels... That the bodies macrophages and natural killer cells start taking chomps out of parts of the body in trying to clear or remove tehm... That the natural killer cells and the like start secreting a lot of digestive enzymes doing more global damage trying to clear the antibodies...

I don't think it is paranoid of me... I think that my concern is based on a relatively good understanding of some of the basic principles of auto-immune disorders and vaccinations and prion diseases and the like...

One of the very very early problems with Covid was micro-clots in the blood. What were the micro-clots comprised of? Antibodies? I don't know that I saw an acount of what the blood clots were...

I wondered at the time that they were saying that the main problem with Covid (the main cause of death) was that the body was producing an extreme immune response and it was the extreme nature of the immune response that was killing people. They couldn't get oxygen absorbed into the lungs because of an inflamatory exudate being produced by the lungs. They had clots. Presumably... Antibodies.

So I wondered if vaccination was going to prevent the body producing that kind of an extreme response...

I don't know.

Those most likely to be harmed by Covid (older with preexisting condition) seemed also most likely to be harmed by Covid vaccination...

I don't know if I'll get a vaccination when they become available to me. I suspect I won't because I don't trust the New Zealand Government who refuses to make their data or the reasoning for their decisions (teh negotiations) public.




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