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Re: AIMS test

Posted by Christ_empowered on January 10, 2021, at 14:17:50

In reply to Re: AIMS test, posted by undopaminergic on January 10, 2021, at 0:19:52

I never did the manganese thing. I mean, I read about it, on Orthomolecular sites, and...for some reason, I was more inclined to go with Hoffer-style protocols (C, E, b-100, B3, etc.), plus handfuls of "extra" antioxidants (green tea extract, grape seed extract, alpha lipoic acid, that kind of thing....). My (discount) multi-vitamin has a good bit of manganese in it, along with 100% of all the minerals, so...I think I'm covering my bases, personally (?).

and with the short term, higher potency agents cause more akathisia, more EPS, less sedation, fewer anticholingeric adverse effects than low(er) potency agents. In the US, perphenazine is still somewhat popular, even though everybody and their mama is on an 'atypical' for...something. Its a moderate potency phenothiazine (same chemical class as good ole Thorazine, ugh), so it can get the job done without the Parkinsonism of, say, Haldol or Stelazine...and also without the sedation and general "make it stop!" - feeling of Thorazine.

Long term...cumulative neuroleptic exposure seems to be the -key- factor. That's why the experts have found ways to estimate the Thorazine-equivalent for neuroleptics, old and new, so (hopefully...) dosing doesn't get out of control, like back in the day.

even at equivalent dosages, some drugs are worse than others. Haldol is just plain neurotoxic. A metabolite of haloperidol might be partly responsible for its high, high rate of TD.

sad fact? it seems that, long term, there hasn't been much progress in terms of TD risk. Thorazine at up to 600mgs/daily -still- compares well with the 'atypicals,' although I do think some newer drugs are better for quality of life, mood, anxiety, that kind of thing.

olanzapine is moderate potency, if I recall. less dysphoria than many older drugs, lots more metabolic problems. long term, the TD risk might be lower...I seem to recall a long term study in which they dosed monkeys up with haloperidol or olanzapine, and the monkeys had far, far more brain changes with haloperidol than with olanzapine.

aripiprazole was believed to be a low risk agent at first, but now that everybody is on it for whatever indication, more and more cases of TD are popping up. :-( ugh. just can't win, it seems...




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