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Re: phenibut nearing removal

Posted by rjlockhart37 on December 7, 2020, at 20:56:37

In reply to Re: phenibut nearing removal, posted by rjlockhart37 on December 7, 2020, at 20:21:31

i'll just go ahead and write the experience with the withdrawl, instead of writing barbiturate like withdrawls, ill just say what happened. I decided not to take it anymore, and realized that it's being restricted and then it came that i cold ended the intake. I knew that i was gonna have to go in, first ... the insomnia, i was awake for 3 days, i rerember getting cold clammy feet and hands, and had this primal fear feeling, but anyways i got to the hospital, they put me in one of the units, the first couple hours were confusing because they didnt even do anything, they just said we're gonna cut you off diazepam and nuvigil, and go to sleep, i stayed awake in the hallways just pacing back and forth, the staff was oblvious, so it took 2 days to finally see a nurse practitioner, they said i was manic, i was sweating (i had been sweating, because of the intense anxiety from withdrawl) she cut my prozac and started lithium, i told basically the reason, they had no idea what it was (because it's not classfied in US, or drug manuels) it told them what it was, they googled it. Then say we'll decide what to do. I waited a day, and they started me on librium, 200mg a day for 4 days i would take 50mg (2 25mg capsules) every 4-5 hours ...then slowly tapered me off librium. The first night the librium hardly had any effect, because of tolerant GABA level, the nuerotrasmitter sites The phenibut had caused it to increase and be resistant to be benzos. This is from high dose, not just on the bottle, which gives directions only use for a few days. It made gaba sites resistant and tolerant. It took 2 days for the librium to acutally have noticable effect. What i was doing before the hospital, was taking GABA supplement to restore the sites, or the nuerotransmitter levels. Kinda like l-tyrosine that repensishes dopamine from stimulant use. Anyways, i met some intesting there, the first roomate snored so loud it was heard down the hallway, the 2nd roomate was doo doo crap because he craped his pants all the time, it was discusting, and that's as a joke. there wasnt enough rooms to transmfer. Did not look forward to going to sleep with someone with diazpers on, having to be changed. Other people there were intresting, a little crazy but i wasnt in the crazy unit. After a while, i noticed my appiate disappeared for about 2 days, that's one of the effects of phenibut withdrawl, no appitite. Lost weight during my stay there, because of side effect withdrawl. So finally i got discharged, and i was stable, but still when i left the hospital i still had to take GABA supplement. It took 2 months, now im on nuerontin. I don't need GABA supplement anymore. Prayer requests online, sending prayer requests to churches was what made it level out. Prayer was only thing. But in the past, this drug is yes, a sedative. I had primal fear during withdrawls in the past, i would just stay in my room and be terrified of nothing, feel scared but there's nothing there to be scared of. Scared of the feeling, mainly. Sweating, clammy hands, no appitite, crazed feeling, insomnia. Barbiturate withdrawl - i have to say is worse, i don't know why i said it was similar - but siezures can also happen, thank god i take lamictal, that was what was preventing siezures. Alot of people on the net keep it low key, i don't know how they have to deal with it, if they have to get hospitalized or they just pain it out. I mean, it's not a dangerous thing, but it ... can hurt, or put someone through hell when they take it, or move to higher doses (then stop). People here, posted about phenibut, there was no big deal about it. But it was my case that was bad. Lamictal was keeping the siezures away, ebcause siezres are part of withdrawl. If you compare this to say like amobarbital, hell yes amobarbital withdrawl is worse, dangerous. Phenibut is able to get through it, but your put through hell, and have some serious symptoms, but not as dangerous as amobarbital withdrawl. So, it's eventually gonna be ... i don't know taken off market. People like me, who had severe anxiety and found supplements thinking it was, but foriegn substance, that was used in dietry products. So, that's all i have to say. I just needed to write what happened, give a better glymps of reality with what happened in my case. Wrote all this drama, but you know it's real and its the truth. So, hope others known what happens. Some have no, none effect after they stop because of low doses. So, be causious. End of log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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