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Re: UV phototherapy for dermatitis

Posted by linkadge on July 11, 2020, at 8:24:15

In reply to UV phototherapy for dermatitis linkadge, posted by ed_uk2010 on July 10, 2020, at 15:16:25

>Did the improve start only after seeing the >dermatologist who said it was a form of >eczema/dematitis?

No. It started to improve about 2 weeks before seeing the dermatologist. I had started applying the ginger root and coconut oil about a week prior to that. I had been giving it sun exposure (with perhaps some improvement there too, although a bit less dramatic).

>I wondered how much the condition was >exacerbated by the anxiety of feeling you had an >untreated spreading infection? Just a thought.

Yes possibly. It has been with me for about 2-3 years (to varying extents). The most recent outbreak occurred this spring. Thinking back, there certainly could be a correlation with anxiety.

>I think you may have some post-inflammatory >hyperpigmentation in parts, but it should fade >over time.

Hopefully. What got me was the way it started to bore deeper in to my skin. I had no idea this could be a symptom of eczema.

>RE the tan, some types of eczema respond well to >UV radiation, which suppresses the local immune >response in the inflammed skin. Have you been >exposing it to the sun a lot more because you do >also look much more tanned than before? Some >eczema patients are treating in UV booths at the >hospital. It's also used in psoriasis. Far less >than it used to be before there was more choice >of medication, but some ppl respond best to UV.>
>Around 70% of eczema patients are responsive to >the narrow band UV-B machine.... but the sun >also makes a difference.

Yes, I have been giving it more sun, which could also be a factor in the improvement. However, I had been giving it sun as early back as April without the dramatic effect.

When I started putting on the ginger / coconut oil, it literally began improving within days. The weeping stopped, the yellow tinge parts just started falling off.

Thanks for the feedback. I still haven't had to use any steroids and the improvement seems to be continuing.





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