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rate benzo comparison

Posted by rjlockhart37 on April 16, 2020, at 23:41:00

if your reading this not take one, basically two things: they calm anxiety, and sometimes are look forward too. But let me say Nueronin and lyrica and the others are similar, nueroton is almost exact to diazpeam because it's just so general.

Diazepam is weaket benzo i've ever been on, it feels just a ccalming feeling, your just valiumed, no high, just makes you kinda calm and relaxed and also makes your irresonsible, careless. Good for sleep, good ole joe benzo that is non selective, the most general out of all of them. But has potent muscle relaxation, you'll feel loosened up. But it's just general, non selective, no distinct characteristics.

alprazolam was potent but only short time, the extended release form is better. but this is what i think about extended releease form - it's more worse trying to get off, maybe not psychucal, but xanax xr lasts about 11 hours, some doctors say its 24 hour, its not. And when you used to it being in your system the entire day, the whole, having it removed is painful. Have more anxiety since it's a constant release mechanism.

diazepam is the weakest and most general one i've ever been on, all it does you take it and it makes you calm. Not high potency, its calming has a diffrent charastic than ativan and others, the others are more relaxation, semi-euphoric, this stuff is general and just makes calm feeling, not potent enough for panic attacks, usally at high doses when its works. Had severe anxiety for days, it's weaker and requires more dosing to rid severe anxiety. I take low dose, like 12.5 a day, had another insomnia attack took 7.5 mg, went to sleep for 2 hours and woke up in severe anxiety. Doctor put me on it because they use it for withdrawl from other meds, in a case i was using phenibut for years because i could handle this anxiety, and it worked. But im telling you, if your taking moderate high doses, this drug is hell in withdraws, sweating, insomnia, no appirate, have this primal fear feeling all the time. I didn't have any resources for anxiety, so i found phenibut, and started taking it and i was relieved and could function. But withdraw is hell, seizures are included. But usally dumb people are the ones that take more than 2000mg. usally phenibut is used at 500-1000mg, and that's about it. Hardly anywithdrawl, maybe some anxiety. But dumb people like me, who had to take higher doses for anxiety, then stopped it. Absolute hell.

lorazepam - chill out, they use it almost al the time in all medical fields, hospitals, rehabs, its the most commonly used drug in medical facilities for sedation effect. I'm serious, you go to a hospital, your agirated or in some kinda of wacky state, they akmost always use lorazepam. I've read it actually can make you more hostile or violent, i read an article about some guy getting violent towards the staff. I always say i read these articles, but truely that i what read. During high anxiety, it will feel likea complete lift off your sholders, it's more potent, and more addictive. Lorazepam has low euphoria propterties, but in someways it does because the relaxation and relief feeling, sit back like haivng couple beers or something

alprazolan is potent, has anti-depressant properties, has some mood enhancement, itt hits D2 receptors. It's defeintly one that take during a major anxiety attack, that's why its used for panic disorder. It's ... odd, but xanax is one of the most prescribed benzos here in the US, i guess doctors just hand out a low dose prescription and it works well. People respond to xanax very well, the way it makes them feel. It's hell to get off of, and many street people pop xanax's. There very popular in black market.

clonazepam - potent, sedating, depressing, anti-manic properties. It's very potent, but also i rerember it made me terribly depressed, and i was in low mood and it made me angry or feel like blowing up because of this low mood it made me in. It's a best one for sleep, it hits and your out. There's many klonopin addiction stories, many of them, Stevie nicks, but i just don't understand why its so addictive, potency, i guess, but mood wise, klono depreso, it depressed mood. But they use also in severe panic disorders in higher doses, people who avoid highways, have severe phobias.

Those are all I've reviewed

anyone one else would like to rate or respond, see whats your idea

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