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bromazepam beta gaba

Posted by rjlockhart37 on March 28, 2020, at 1:03:37

i've been doing some research, for a long time i was taking phenibut for anxiety, and yes it did very much help. It's not a euphorigenic, but it does give relief and helps you just calm down. It doesnt work like benzos, benzos work on GABA-A sites (alpha) and phenibut work on beta sites.
withdrawal from this drug is hell, but it's usally at moderate higher doses. It's tolerable, you can get through it, but i went told doctor, she said diazepam. It didint work or have the same effect, it was more potent, but it works but its genenal, not good for panic attacks. I researched bromzaepam, because i read a poster here took it, and i just started researching. It hits beta sites, unlike the other benzos. There was person, from another country, a small rural country, that he said you buy bromazepam at his pharmacy like over the coubter drug.

Said it gives relief diffrent thano ther benzos. I know why in the US that would absolute no, because if keep to store and buying a benzo over the counter my god, so many people would be taking, and ... it would be bad. The FDA know this kinda stuff, like during a short time during world war II, you could buy benzedrine at the store, both tablet, and inhaler, because when they first discovered amphetamine, it was not stimulant medication, it was for nasal congestion. it was to constrict or something with the siniss...i don't know. But then abuse by the public started and removed it.

I do know, even though this guy said just buy over the counter, it would lead to addiction, constantly going back and buying more. I know about this behavior, talking to a person who knows about addiction, and had knowedge on rehabs and everything they do. See the whole picture of it.

But anyways, they don't use bromazepam much as a common meds for anxiety. The only thing why is it effects beta sites, diazepam doesn't seem to help on anxiety so much, even at 10mg, i still feel this linger background sting feeling. Thinking its not hitting the beta sites of gaba. But, im not a doctor and i don't choose what needs, but that's a reason why read about bromazepam because it hits beta sites like phenibut.

I've been at home, just doing things online and constantly worrying about insomnia, get nervous thinking i won't go to sleep later that night. It's a psychological thing, that or gaba sites are tolerant.

But really, screw all this, i've been at home too long, i'v done wonderful stuff on the net, not under this screen name, and i don't know why im saying this, At regular state, everyime i do work, screw up something, im not kidding, but cant let gonna let that stay that way. i really don't mind, because isolation ... internet is the only thing to get you someplace. Say like an employeer, offered a job, in fictional scenario, i would start off good, but then later on my memory and just starts, make small errors that turn into big problems. So, at least i know that. Keeping up with people or teams, is hard, if i was on deexamphetamine it would not be that way, or larger doses of armodafnil. At regular state, i just ... fall behind, lose track or coherenccy. But, that's not gonna stay that way anynore, you don't dwell on things in the past. Start new, and just make a major jump, anything. Ok, that's enough, i had to vent that, i don't care if it's rwead. That's how it is.

You learn how to change yourself from failure.


ok so anyways, who cares what benzo and doesnt, need to make a jump and geet out this float state. I hate posting about meds that can help, use the resource i have and do something with life.

end lof log....

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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