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Re: How is everyone holding up with Corona?

Posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 15:22:40

In reply to Re: How is everyone holding up with Corona?, posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 15:10:38

I guess if some kid of a harem leader over in Iran or wherever pays the Medical Admissions Committee $100,000 for one of his kids to have a place in Medicine with a $5,000 scholarship...

So they can learn how to give abortions and so on and look after the Harem back home... Date Rape seditives... You get the idea...

Then what value is my life?

They would rather pay me out in the courts.

Not that the courts would pay out.

But it would actually be *cheaper for them* or *a better deal for them* to pay out whatever paltry sum to the courts that they think my life is worth.

You can't function amongst people who have no self-esteem.

It's weird...

It's like they don't have cognitive capaciaty when it comes to morality or reading comprehension....

They don't have cognitive capacity to see that their dodgey business practices are unsustainable. That word will get out. That people won't do business with them...

It's like they act for tehir own short term selfish interests without the cognitive capaciaty for the longer term...

It's like they choose 1 now rather than 5 later for themselves...


But then it's also like they are embracing the self-destruct.

Looking forward to it.

Like the person who enjoys going along to confessional and confesing all the things. Some kind of glorified re-canting.

It's an interesting way to go down.

Head of a sinking ship.

That's the sense I get of our leaders, mostly.

Doom in ineviable. Leading the destruction.

Thinking only that if they werent' -- then someone else would be.


These people wouldn't help me -- if I needed help.

They don't want to be helped.

They are very invested in ensuring that nobody has access to anything in NZ.

NO education.

No medical stuff.


Just shutting the things all down


It goes back to infants at that very very very very young age.

With Mother singing a soothing song.

All we do all day is sing the praises of the senior officials.

Give them our work (our sh*t -- according to them -- unless all you do in your work is sing their praises).


There is really nothing here.


I think it was Singer or someone who said something a bit more recently about what is required for... What was it...

Critical reflection? Something like that. Dialogue. Critique.

There's a basic background or backdrop.

And that is what is lacking here.

So all there is is singing the praises and agreement.

Nothign else is tolerated at all.

And that manifests as 'yes dear, of cousre dear, anything you say dear'

To placate.

While the actions / behavior are not in accordance at all.

Feigned ignorance.

(What are you going to do about it).


All people do / can do is leave.

But the borders have been shut down.





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