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Re: How is everyone holding up with Corona? Lamdage22

Posted by alexandra_k on March 22, 2020, at 15:00:22

In reply to Re: How is everyone holding up with Corona?, posted by Lamdage22 on March 22, 2020, at 14:11:45

> Sorry, alexandra! So you basically did everything you had to for a degree and they are withholding it and making you jump through hoops to get it?

They aren't making me 'jump through hoops' to get it. They aren't giving it to me.

They updated my transcript for some online record sharing system that NZ introduced.

They removed the dates on my previous MA so it appears to be full-time enrolment, rather than part time.

They re-enroled me in the Degree I completed part time, then recorded a fail.

So it looks like I am on a trajectory of 'worse' and failed a terminal degree rather than 'better' of completing a terminal degree in the minimum, normal, or standard time.

They have made it clear the only way I am going to get it is if a judge orders them to.

Legal aid lawyers (and most other people I try and explain things to) don't seem to understand what I am saying.

I suppose it is because legal cases are time consuming and I'm not going to pay them by the hour.

I don't suppose public defenders tell their legal aid clients they don't think they can win their case.

But they tell me they don't think I can win mine and they don't want to help me with it.

They recently updated the list of legal aid lawyers to around 70 pages of them.

You know, in case I feel particularly massochistic about having them all tell me they don't want to waste their time.

I suppose because there is nothing here.

No medical system. No education system. Only a series of corrupt officials doing whatever they want and grubbing up all the money.

> What were your plans before that?

Completing a degree from a NZ university in the `minimum, normal, or standard time' meant I was eligible to apply for Med.

Only, the way it's supposed to work is that nobody finishes in the minimum, normal, or standard time. So the committee gets to decide whether or not they want you to do it / whether they will process your application or not. Because they don't have to since you didn't meet the requirement. But it is 'normally, in the minimum, normal, or standard time' so they make exceptions for the kids they choose.

Also... They want the grades to come from the last 5 years because they often get to choose what grades the kids get, too. So they are supposed to factor your GPA in rather a lot to your rank order score. My GPA is very very high. They don't like that. So they are trying to alter my previous transcripts so they can lower my GPA by crediting some part time study I did as full time.

> You are youngish, too, right?

They think I am old. THey think I am the same age as some of them. THey think that because I did not run myself up the hierarchy (up university administration and aim to be VC) then I am unable to focus on the most meaningful things in life / I lack the capacity to do anything at all.

I was going to do Medicine.

But they refuse to process my applications / completions.

OUr University system has gone away.

We just have a bunch of people who choose whose kids to give whatever grades to, whatever professional practice degree entry to, whatever professional practice degree completion to. We don't believe in freedom. We dont' believe in individual choice. We dont believe that natural ability and hard work is relevant to anything that matters.

We just have a group of money grubbing bullies using their power to prevent the development of our peoples.

Ruining everything for their own petty, narrowminded, and shortsighted short-term profits.

Things are very very very backwards here and our developmental trajectory appears to be one of regression only.

The people at the top seem to lack the most basic level of reading comprehension and fair mindedness.

I mean reading age of... Less than 16.

Moral development of...

They would rather keep slaves.




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